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Tragedy in the making for years
Posted: Friday, September 14, 2001

THE EDITOR: I am a Trini who came to NY on Saturday to pursue efforts to get into school, Pace University, to be exact, just three blocks north east of the WTC. I was to meet with a professor today at 2 p.m. to discuss financing arrangements. Just yesterday, I was sitting in Park Plaza and marvelled at the towers which peeked between other buildings in the area. My subway train stop is the WTC on the ‘E’ line.

As I woke up yesterday, I turned on the TV and saw one tower in flames, thinking it was an accident. And then as they are covering the story for Tower 1, I watched this huge jet liner, bank and plunge into Tower 2. I swore it was HBO I was watching.

They showed coverage of the President in a elementary school where he was reading to some youngsters. They showed when a colleague of the President whispered in his ear to tell him what had transpired. It was so sad to see the President’s immediate change of expression—an expression of disbelief and terror, as if asking himself what everyone else is asking: How could this happen?

Watching the Towers collapse was almost as incredible as the actual crashes themselves. One could not believe that the edifice constructed by the great US nation could be felled in one vicious act using US property as the catalyst. Some reports say they managed to evacuate a lot of people in the hour it took for the buildings to come crashing down, but tonight they report that a lot of people are still trapped under the rubble. There are Trinis trapped under there no doubt, so I think we should all pray for their survival or peace for the souls for those who do not survive.

Back home in Trinidad, we have one such oppressive group, as we saw over 11 years ago. If such an event could transpire in the US in 2001 with its abundance of intelligence resources, what can we say for T&T? What would we do if the Twin Towers were bombed? President’s house? Prime Minister’s office?

I’m sure there are people back home chuckling at this event, perhaps because it’s so hard to conceive, but I assure you this is no laughing matter. This situation is the basis for the movie The Siege. That movie showed us what life could be like if these situations persist. No warning, no negotiation, no idea if it this is all to come, no faces to point fingers at. The same fear the US drives into the civilians across the Middle East, Kosovo and the like, is the same fear US citizens are experiencing now. Remember Nostradamus predicted that ‘a major channel to the west will be destroyed by an Arab force’.

I believe this is a tragedy in the making for years. WTC bombing in 1993, Oklahoma City in 1995, Desert Storm, Kosovo, Sarajevo, peace talks in the Mid East.. all these events aggravate these unsavoury characters. And the US is probably the most disliked Western nation in the world.

I was due to stay either three weeks or three months... it’s been three days and I’m ready to come home. I hope BWIA has it’s security in place because it’s going to be a long ride home. And I hope Bee-wee does not still expect people to pay a fee to come home early. And Bee-wee should post some phone numbers for people visiting the US to call for information about the airline, and continue to update their webpage.


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