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Frias confirms Venezuelan radar screens captured three US military planes
Posted: Sunday, May 5, 2002

Choice Venezuela News from VHeadline

CABINET APPOINTMENTS:Economist Tobias Norbrega Suarez is the new Finance Minister
highlights teamwork and dialogue with all sectors of society, especially in economics. (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

3-star General Lucas Rincon Romero has been appointed Defense Minister.
President Chavez Frias says Venezuela was on the verge of a civil war. (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

Venezuelan radar screens captured three US military planes! President says "it’s a serious matter … I’m really concerned." guest columnist Miguel Salazar speaks frankly with the President:
"You know what, Miguel? They lost a great opportunity when I told them I would leave Venezuela if they respected the Constitution and guarantee my people that they wouldn’t be persecuted … there were a couple of stubborn idiots among those good-for-nothings." (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

Cardinal Jose Ignacio Velasco confirms that Chavez Frias never signed a resignation...
says he did not know the contents of Pedro Carmona Estanga’s decree, but signed to avoid further conflict and division. (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

Executive Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel admits that Venezuela has had a 10-year 'political relationship' with the Colombian guerrillas
'diplomatic relations' throughout the Caldera Presidency negotiating with the FARC." (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

Chavez Frias confirms "unidentified military ships and planes violated Venezuelan territory on April 11."
In a CNN Spanish news channel interview, a cautious Chavez Frias admits that he would like to believe statements from Washington mandarins that the USA wasn’t involved in the coup d'etat. (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

Detained coup leader, General Nestor Gonzalez continues to call President Chavez Frias a "coward."
Gonzalez Gonzalez was one of the officers who vehemently opposed allowing Chavez Frias to leave Venezuela for another country, wanting him put on trial for treason. (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

Caracas Metro-politan Mayor Alfredo Pena has confirmed that he will not be taking coffee with President Chavez Frias
nor will he attend the national dialogue which he insists on calling "the social gathering." (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

Rabid anti-Chavist columnist Ibeyise Pacheco reports that an anti-government group calling itself "Urban Defense Cadres" is arming to fight Chavist circles
nobody has yet asked is where Accion Democratica (AD) armed goon squads were on April 11. (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

The Venezuelan American Chambers of Commerce (VenAmCham) has offered to help President Chavez Frias
with reforms to labor legislation, pension funds, privatization of electricity and aluminum companies. (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

The Battle for Energy Dominance
Thanks to a steady increase in oil output in recent years, Russia is now poised to displace Saudi Arabia as the key energy supplier to the West. (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

The CIA and the Venezuela Coup
How do we know that the CIA was behind the coup that overthrew Hugo Chavez? (Sunday, May 5, 2002)
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez raises questions about a possible US role in coup that was an attempt on his life. (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

Washington Post Foreign Service catches up with February world exclusive
an American was involved in what he characterized as an assassination plot against him uncovered in Costa Rica four months ago. (Sunday, May 5, 2002)

Editor's Comment: Maru, you are entitled to your opinion, of course, but...
You reflect on Dictator-for-a-Day Pedro Carmona Estanga's alleged "pain" but clearly have no consideration for the pain of millions of Venezuelans who grew more and more abandoned and impoverished through the 40+ years of inexcusably unbridled corruption that preceded President Hugo Chavez Frias' democratic election as President of Venezuela. (Saturday, May 4, 2002)

Special parliamentary hearings have yet again proved Venezuela's timely theory
that there’s a lot of dead wood in Movimiento Quinta Republica (MVR) its performance has been dismal, disjointed and vindictive. (Saturday, May 4, 2002)

The 'New York Times' Condones Censorship, Venezuelan Style; Quid Pro Coup
Village Voice: Question for media tycoons: How do you land a puff piece on the front page of the New York Times business section on Sunday? Answer: Attempt to secretly stage a political coup, and then try to censor any critical news coverage of the coup. (Friday, May 3, 2002)

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