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Why the war will be brought to US soil
Posted: Wednesday, June 12, 2002

By Bukka Rennie

So the military/protective hawks in the USA are busying themselves preparing that country and its citizenry for what they deem to be the certain eventuality of the arrival on their soil of suicide bombers whose lethal weapons could well be of a biological or makeshift nuclear nature.

Given the heightened spirit of patriotism and national unity that were attained after the horror of September 11, one can very well assume that not many dissenting voices will be heard critical of the moves to be made by the hawks representing the military-industrial complex.

A clear enemy has been identified but moreso has been demarcated by the two most powerfully emotive factors known in the history of humanity: Race and religion. In this case "Arab" and "Muslim".

Sad but true, once you wave a banner symbolic of a race and religion combine, that to almost all of humanity becomes tantamount to waving red flags before the eyes of enraged, mad, emboldened bulls.

Already the FBI and the CIA have begun to beef up their forces in order to enhance their investigative, information gathering and assessing capabilities.

With the power of hindsight, they are now clear that had both the FBI and CIA not messed up their analysis of information from operatives in the field, the horror of September 11 may not have happened.

But in most instances it was not a matter of them not properly assessing information, it was more a simple case of blatant ignoring of information. That however is really not "simple".

It reeks of the typical psychology and myopia of the supposed intellectually and militarily powerful. It is almost like a "willful suspension of disbelief". The powerful never feel that they can be hurt by the powerless.

When Ho-Chi-Minh informed the Americans that if they invaded Vietnam they will have to fight everybody from "age nine to 99", Robert McNamara, rated to have possessed one of the highest IQ's known to modern man, was reported to have said to the then President, Lyndon B Johnson, "America is the greatest and most powerful nation in the history of the world, no slant-eyes running around in pyjamas all day could ever defeat us..."

LBJ went in with full force and the Americans had to fight everybody from "age nine to 99". The USA, unable to handle the slant-eyes Viet-Cong, dropped more bombs on Vietnam that the overall total of bombs dropped in the two World Wars.

By the time the USA bombed administrative centres and fuel storage compounds hoping to cripple the Viet-Cong war apparatus, everything had already been located underground.

Most of all, the Americans never saw whom they were fighting in the jungles all those months and years until they were evacuating Saigon in total defeat.

Abandoning weapons and scrambling onto aircraft, they were astounded to look back and see barefooted teenagers, many of them in "pyjamas".

The powerful never learn. So blinded are they by their superiority complex. Attempting to organise to effectively block would-be suicide-bombers is the same as organising to put out sporadic, ubiquitous bush fires.

Typically, the USA is preparing to deal with symptoms rather than the root cause. It is crucial for some of the Congress men and women to ask the relevant questions:

Why are people from quite over on the Eastern Hemisphere of the world targeting America with such consistency and with such vicious intention?

Why has the concept of the "Ugly American" persisted for the past decades since the inception of the decolonisation process and the blowing of the "winds of change" demanding the natural right to self-determination. Why?

The root cause of the turmoil in the Middle-East is the decimation of the State of Palestine. The only solution is the re-establishment of Palestinian statehood.

In 1948 Israel was created by the British for European Jews by carving out a piece of Palestine, and despite the United Nations post-war edict that all settled borders be respected as is, where is, so to speak, the Israelis were never satisfied with what was given to them and embarked very early on a Zionist, militarist and terrorist programme to push the Palestinians out of Palestine altogether.

And that is exactly what they have accomplished with the help of the USA. Israel will not last one single day without America.

Okay, one can understand America's commitment to the State of Israel, but how can you be so committed to Israel without being also strongly committed to Palestinian statehood.

The Palestinians have no State, they are refugees all over the Arab world, in Jordan, in Lebanon, etc and so have come to the conclusion that they will therefore fight their enemies "anywhere and everywhere".

It is American foreign policy that ties the hand of all the Arab nations and deters them from defending the Palestinian cause. It is only logical that, by extension, the war will be brought to American soil.

There is only one solution and that is commitment likewise to Palestinian statehood. But who wants solutions when the very lack of solutions can serve to generate profits and maintain the international status-quo and balance of power?

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