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Venezuela -- Friday, June 14, 2002
Posted: Friday, June 14, 2002

Defense Minister calling for calm despite rumors of an impending coup...
The opposition rumor mill has been working overtime to destabilize the government of President Hugo Chavez Frias despite their coup d'etat failure two months ago. Rincon says an investigation is underway to trace the source of a flurry of anti-government emails and pamphlets, the main purpose of which is to create public anxiety and fear.

Alleged harassment of US citizens ...
The US Embassy has made a formal protest to the Venezuelan government for at least four incidents of harassment of US citizens.

Opposition and pro-government sympathizers have turned the entrance and surrounds at the downtown Caracas Attorney General’s Office into a verbal battlefield as both sides insist on packing complaints against each other, crippling the state attorneys' workload.h

Opposition National Assemblymen (AN) have been shut inside the Capitolio for several hours and refused to leave until a crowd of waiting pro-government supporters were persuaded to disperse.

Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) Media Communications School director Asalia Venegas says a debate on the role of Venezuela's print and broadcast media has intensified after April 13-14.
Venegas has aligned herself with the opinions of visiting journalist associations confirming that the domestic media has assumed political roles that do not correspond with their mission as intermediaries.

It has emerged that the video shown by Movimiento Quinta Republica (MVR) National Assembly members, Luis Tascon and Iris Varela was first shown on 24-hour news station Globovision’s Grado 33 program.

El Nuevo Pais editor Patricio Poleo has filed complaint against Movimiento Quinta Republica (MVR) National Assembly members Iris Varela, Cilia Flores and Nicolas Maduro for accusing her of staging the “Comacates” video of alleged active service officers.

Will Armed Force (FAN) dissidents come out in uniform on June 15? 
Defense Minister, General Lucas Rincon Romero says he’s sure that active service FAN officers will not turn out for Saturday’s opposition march to Avenida Bolivar.

Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) National Assemblyman Carlos Tablante has completed the opposition bench’s preliminary report of April 11 hearings. Tablante says President Hugo Chavez Frias is politically responsible for the “Miraflores Massacre.”

Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez insists that his office is "working with coordination and speed” into clearing up the events of April 11 and afterwards.

President Hugo Chavez Frias was not involved in Macroeconomic Stabilization Fund (FIEM) transfers. 
National Assembly (AN) Comptroller Committee officials have begun an investigation into the administration of public monies from FIEM.

Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (Fedecamaras) president Carlos Fernandez has lashed out predicting a financial collapse of the Chavez Frias government … “that’s what we can expect because the government is doing nothing and we are all going under.”

Venezuelan Banking Association (ABV) president Ignacio Salvatierra rejects accusations that the country’s banking system is about to cave in “the financial system is in good condition, as I have repeatedly reported.”

PROVEA human rights NGO has issued a manifesto against violence and in favor of strengthening democracy and human rights.
Starting from the premise that radicalized sectors of society threaten political and social violence.

The Attorney General’s investigation into the events of April 11 has been slow, making the general public and especially families of victims impatient.

"Foreign invest is always welcome, but it needs to have a Venezuelan counterpart to assure long term success" says Venezuela's Minister of Production & Commerce Ramon Rosales; closing speech of the Norway-Venezuelan offshore oil sector industrial seminar.

In Venezuelan capital, rumors of new coup abound, abuzz with rumors and ricocheting e-mail speculations about impending violence and an imminent coup against Venezuela's leftist president, Hugo Chavez.

Venezuelan American Chamber advises: Prepare for violence.

MARKET TALK: Nymex crude sags as equities drop.

Venezuela PDVSA gets $364 million from FIEM for gas plan.

Brazil Petrobras to issue up to $1 bln in shares.

Venezuela's CTV preparing For nationwide strike.

Nymex crude seen opening 10c lower on profit taking.

Foreign cos line up to invest in Venezuelan gas projects.

OUTLOOK: US gasoline demand pumps up Asian markets.

Norway's Statoil to sell Methanol in North America.

Brazil Petrobras hits record oil production of 1.53 million bpd.

Qatar signs 3 petrochemicals deals worth $2 billion.

Venezuelan government approves public spending cut.
The Venezuelan cabinet has approved a Bs.1 billion cut in public spending.

Venezuelan Central Bank (BCV) denies lending money to the treasury.
Despite a balance of payments that suggests to the contrary, the Central Bank has denied lending the government money.

"Venezuela is bordering on an economic collapse,"
according to Venezuelan Business Chamber (Fedecamaras). The business grouping believes that what is around the corner will be far worse.

Government is taking measures to help textile sector.
Will ask the Andean Community to defer the common external tariff for the textile sector.

"The Venezuelan financial system is in good shape,"
according to Venezuelan Banking Association president Ignacio Salvatierra.

Public sector electricity consumption down by 10-30%.
The electricity consumption of 57 public sector companies has fallen by 10-30%.

Venezuela and Bulgaria look to promote trade and investment.
The two countries have signed an agreement to improve business relations.

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