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General Strike Approaches
Posted: Saturday, November 30, 2002

-- reader Jose Arconada Rodriguez writes: As the date for a new general strike approaches (Monday, December 2), and in view of the scarce support it is bound to find within a Venezuelan society increasingly weary of a vain, sterile and all-too-long campaign of harassment against a legitimate government of Venezuela, new outbreaks of sponsored violence and rioting are bound to occur ... mainly in the capital Caracas ... inducing more chaos and promoting am unsustainable situation which is the only strategy Venezuela's opposition has been able to come up with.

Incapable as it has been of offering convincing reasons for President Hugo Chavez to stand down, it will more than ever before act out of despair, under the poor quality umbrella of Coordinadora Democratica ... an ill-intentioned creature born out of an only apparently contra natura coupling between corrupt union leaders and a predatory corporate leadership ... with the vast majority of the country's privately-owned media playing its role of a loud, all pervading, hysterical "Greek choir," and a few military officers who (acting out of sheer spite), have been staging a non-stop harangue calling to civil and military desobedience.

Their show has been on now for 500+ hours, they proudly claim. In any other country they would have already spent 499 and a half hours behind military prison bars (far more than that, if we take into account that many of them were personally involved in the April 11 coup d'etat) and we would all have found their imprisonment perfectly reasonable.
But not so in Venezuela, where the media is only praying for that to happen so that they can shout and scream accusations of Stalinist behavior on the part of the Chavez Administration.

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Venezuela has ruled that the call for a consultative referendum seeking for President Chavez to stand down is null and void ... and the Greek choir will only howl and wail louder as some remunerated squads keep dropping tear gas cans here and there.


Because getting violently rid of Chavez is the one and only fast track back to a life of selfish privilege.

Why not wait for the constitutionally envisaged referendum in August 2003?

Because they know too well that Chavez would win it again.
Serious journalism will find in Venezuela a case study of public opinion manipulation.

Thank you, for your brave and intelligent work of journalism. Keep it up!

Jose Arconada Rodriguez

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