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Startling revelations and relevant questions
Posted: Saturday, December 7, 2002

Writing in this week's Quinto Dia Miguel Salazar says, "a foreign intelligence agency has been charged with controlling delivery of money from a powerful international economic community to the axis of subversion encouraged by a strengthened ultra-right ... the agency is responsible for actions aimed at capturing sympathy among the military ... one of its delegations was expelled from the State Political & Security (DISIP) Police as soon as the director appointed by Caldera left ... it's estimated that there are more than an hundred agents on the payroll ... the agency's political action section has recruited top figures in Venezuela giving them considerable financial resources ... opposition leaders, mayors, State Governors, trade unionists, NGOs, human rights activists, church leaders, parliamentarians, oil sector figures and government officials receive money ... the connection to the government is through a lady close to an influential official. More serious: there is a special ops division specialized in psychological warfare, assassinations, sabotage and paramilitary actions ... psychological warfare and infiltration is centered on the media."

Salazar calls for an investigation into malfeasance and swindles in Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) refineries abroad: He asks the following questions: If the latest of PDVSA reports show fraud in outsourcing contracts, why hasn't the board released the amount of damage to national patrimony?

Is it true or false that through violating the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV)-PDVSA exchange rate agreement $10 billion was sidetracked from fiscal control?

Was there or not over-invoicing in the production of barrels per day not subject to OPEC regulation?

Did or did not PDVSA subtract dividends belonging to shareholders?
True or false that the deficit reached around $9 billion?
Is there a 5% increase above costs and transport (PDV-Marina) favoring clients of the executive payroll (managers and executives)?

The role of NGOs in the latest conspiracy. "In the so-called hidden agenda of the new scheme of conspiracy Queremos Elegir, Cofavic and other NGOs of lesser importance will play a leading role. Their importance lies in the double role of behavior moving between non-violence and active conspiracy ... some paradox!"

Questions on the events of April 11:

Did you know that according to the latest edition of the New York "The Nation" Rear Admiral Carlos Molina Tamayo received $100,000 from a bank in Miami"?

Did you know that General Efrain Vasquez Velasco was vetoed as Pedro Carmona's Defense Minister because he refused the deal of Hummer vans for the Armed Force (FAN)?

Did you know that the Banco Industrial de Venezuela (BIV) had refused Pedro Carmona a millionaire loan?

Did you know that public disorders last Tuesday (December 3) were led by a family member (on motorbike and armed with a shotgun) of Carmona's Miraflores Military Barracks chief?

Did you know that a well-known radio Christian Socialist commentator is connected to 2 Salvadorians that took part in April 11 and said to be murder squad members specially trained to act in Latin America?
Did you know that on Tuesday foreign-looking motor bikers that had been around for April 11 reappeared?

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