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Chavez Leaves Venezuela: Really?
Posted: Wednesday, January 1, 2003

by Davy de Verteuil

Response to:
Chavez Leaves Venezuela for Inauguration
Dated; Wednesday January 1, 2003 1:50 PM;
by (AP) Guardian Unlimited UK

I find it hard to imagine that really and truly if Chavez is under so much pressure as touted by the AP's one-sided reporting and the Guardian's gullibility to echo AP's propaganda, that he Chavez is resolute enough to travel outside of his country during such dire and desperate circumstances.

Something's just don't mix here and it all shows that the ink from Guardian AP mixed merely lies on paper but does not permeate.

It is quite clear to me that the Press in this instance "Venezuela" have sordidly lagged in as many attempts to perpetuating anarchy without its desired goal which is to destabilize and overthrow a constitutionally elected non-elite.

I can only relish the satisfaction though uneasy at times considering the constant barrage of mainstream propaganda the frustrations in your every article on the Venezuelan issue (not Crises).

Chavez and the Venezuelan people has set a world record 'if you'd like to put it that way' by defeating a well coordinated attempt by/of anarchist that profess to be the Guardians of the free and democratic world by being judiciously lawfully and constitutionally democratic.

As in Algeria the French got it undemocratically and brutally their way when their proxy generals aborted elections as in comparison to the west, South/Latin America all the rest have got it wrong while Chavez entrench and retrench.

Oppression is loosing its cloak and dagger cover, which makes the manipulative West less successful. This was made clearer with the clear-cut support for genuine democracy when the OAS reps supported Hugo Chavez.

The year 2002, I have witnessed democracy to be so humiliating as in the case of Latin and South America for the trumpeters of freedom and democracy.

I guess the Spanish language has had more light in discerning truth from falsehood. Perhaps if the Latinos had spoken English, Arabic or French, woe would have been their making.

Finally I'd like to congratulate the regional countries and respective governments for the moral and matured response in procuring the freedom and independence of the region and Venezuela in this case against the historically unforgivable forces of repression and destruction in the Americas and the Caribbean.

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