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Posted: Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Challenge of Hugo Chavez

By Jack Random

The referendum soundly denying a recall of President Hugo Chavez was
not only a victory for the common people of Venezuela, it was the empowerment of the powerless all over the world. It was a demonstration of the power of democracy and an astonishing defeat for corporate imperialism, for the new world aristocracy, for avarice without borders, and for the self-anointed directors of a global economy. It was the stone that fell the beast.

For Hugo Chavez, the road ahead will not be easy. The corporate masters have unlimited resources and the prize of Venezuelan oil is too great to be discarded but, after costly failures at military and political coups, they are compelled to change tact. What they failed to achieve by insurrection, they will attempt to achieve by corrupting the Chavez government. The president and his most trusted officials will be tempted by visions of treasure and bounty yet they will stay the cause.

Now is the time for celebration. Though the war is by no means over, democracy has won a great battle. People all over the world rejoice and nations take note: There is another way.

We will watch with great interest the future of Venezuela and its regional allies. We wonder how long a nation's people can be denied while its resources are siphoned away by corporate thieves. We wonder how far governments will sink into debt before they find the courage to stand with Chavez and Bolivar in defiance.

For now we applaud and we pray that the vision of Simon Bolivar finds its way.

Viva Chavez! Viva Venezuela!


Jack Random is the author of The War Chronicles (Jazzman Chronicles, Crow Dog Press) and Ghost Dance Insurrection (Dry Bones Press). His commentaries have been published by CounterPunch, Albion Monitor, FirstPeoplesCentury, Trinicenter, Global Research, Matrix Masters, IndyMedia and Dissident Voice. The War Chronicles is available at City Lights SF and Contact via:

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