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Cuba is a dirty word ... isn't it?
Posted: Wednesday, October 6, 2004

by Oscar Heck,

Even though Cuba sends doctors to "invade" other countries and the USA sends soldiers to murder and rape other countries ... Cuba remains the "bad guys" and the grand USA remains the "good guys" ... at least in the minds of many people in the "western, so-called civilized world."

Why is this? What is happening to the "western" mind?

A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon with a USA-based priest (and missionary) who was directly involved with Pinochet before the military coup against Allende. According to other people who know him personally (people I personally know), this priest was working for the CIA. True or not, this priest could very well have worked for the CIA ... because of his comments that afternoon.

On another occasion, I spent an afternoon with one of the "desaparecidos" (disappeared) during the early days of Pinochet's dictatorial reign in the 1970's. He was one of the thousands of people who were corralled into a stadium in Chile and systematically tortured for days. Many died during these interrogations. He did not ... and he was helped to escape jail by friends who risked their lives to do so.

One day I hope to spend a few days with this man and get the whole story ... he tends to avoid the subject. His story is a true story, and I can confirm that it is true because I personally know several of the first-hand witnesses.

In comparison, I wonder what is going on behind the scenes in Iraq ... or any other country which the grand USA deems unfit for life on this planet?

While Cuba expands its education and medical programs to benefit human beings and to enhance the lives of people, the grand USA expands the use of its subversive tactics and abusive embargoes against countries like Cuba and Venezuela.

In Venezuela, the Washington-based National Endowment for Democracy (a definite misnomer!) has been subversively financing anti-Chavez, anti-democratic movements for several years now to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars (you can find all the details on the NED website).

The goal: to assist the Venezuelan anti-democratic movements in ousting democratically-elected President Hugo Chavez. Some of these organizations are: Sumate, Fedecamaras and the CTV.

In Cuba, the USA continues its senseless embargo ... in their useless attempt at causing so much misery that the Cuban people will rebel against Castro. Well, well, well ... isn't it obvious? Castro has been in power for over 40 years now and the Cuban people have not rebelled! The USA's efforts are futile ... yet they continue to inflict harm instead of good.

There are newspapers out there which are reporting that Venezuela is using a "Cuban-backed" educational system to help people get out of their condition of illiteracy ... with a negative connotation of course because it is being said that in the process, the students are being brainwashed to become communists! (What a farce! ... and some people actually believe this!) Thank heaven however, that this education program is "Cuban-backed" and not USA-backed ... otherwise Venezuelans would be brainwashed into believing that the USA is the best country in the world and that everyone should own guns and that all non-friends should be attacked, murdered, bombed, raped and tortured ... and that priests should be used as spies and that military dictatorships are good ... and that embargoes against countries (aimed at starving people to death) are "ok" measures to use against innocent fellow human beings.

Thank heaven as well that Mision Barrio Adentro (doctors who heal people in the barrios) is being fulfilled with the help of about 15,000 Cuban doctors! They are enhancing the lives of people in the barrios ... they are not killing people ... like the US soldiers are doing in Iraq ... like they have done in so many countries throughout the world. They are not spraying dangerous chemicals on innocent people like the USA did in Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, ... and now Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. They are not feeding people cholesterol-increasing and diabetes-inducing, chemically-filled, fat-food like McDonald's, Wendy's, etc. ... slowly killing people off and making them sicker and sicker. They are not propagating war movies, mass-murder, dismemberment and rape TV programs and video games which only help to twist the already twisted minds of their consumers. The Cuban doctors, on the contrary, are helping people get better. Additionally, I doubt that very many USA-based doctors would want to go live in the barrios like the Cuban doctors are doing.

(It is important to note that the main reason why Mision Barrio Adentro is composed of mainly Cuban Doctors is because the Venezuelan Medical College openly refused to participate in the program. That is, they refused to collaborate and send "Venezuelan" doctors into the barrios for this program.)

I think that there is something seriously defective with the logic which some "western" countries use to evaluate the value of life. Educating people using Cuban techniques seems to be "worse" than the US government subversively financing anti-democratic, criminal movements in Venezuela or Chile. Using Cuban doctors to heal people seems to be "worse" than assassinating innocent women and children in Iraq or poisoning people in Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador ... and Venezuela. (I say Venezuela because the US government is apparently spraying chemicals along parts of Colombia which border Venezuela ... in which case it is probable that chemicals are contaminating Venezuelan soil and waters as well.)

So ... why is "Cuba" a dirty word and why is "USA" a "good" word?

Why is "Castro" a dirty word ... and why is "Bush" a "good" word?

Who knows? I don't.

I can't see why a society which calculatedly dropped atom bombs on innocent people, instantly killing over 200,000, is a better society that one which exports educational and health programs to enhance the lives of the less fortunate.

I don't see any logic in it ... do you?

Here is another example. There are chat rooms for travelers on a website called Lonely Planet. Regarding the muggings of some tourists at one of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro recently, one person said, "The video was made by a Brazilian person who lives across the beach and happened to have a video camera nearby. The ones who committed the crimes are young and poor Brazilians from nearby favelas. They did because this world is so messed up that people do not have food to eat and Bush spends 100 billion dollars on arms. And it does make (only some) people feel things are very unfair for most." Another person (from the USA) responds, "Good rationale."

People starve because America is at war.
Guess what moron, people were starving long before that.

See what I mean?

Oscar Heck

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