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Lack of Support for Zimbabwe's Land Reform is Africa's Shame
Posted: Saturday, March 17, 2007

By Ayinde
March 17, 2007

It appears that Desmond Tutu, among others, have bought the stories of what transpired in Zimbabwe from Morgan Tsvangirai and the Western media, all of whom are against President Mugabe's land reclamation exercise. How else can one explain Tutu's strong condemnation of Zimbabwe's government?

There is evidence that the clash between Morgan Tsvangirai, together with his small band of supporters and the police was orchestrated by Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai has been trying to position himself centre stage, despite his defeat at the 2005 polls. He and his cohorts provoked a violent confrontation with the police, then cried abuse. This incident was staged. Little is being said about the police officers that were beaten by this small band of protesters. BBC's Eyewitness account of what transpired shows how youths are being coerced to wreak havoc on the country.

President Mugabe's government delayed Zimbabwe's land reform program so that Zimbabwe's liberation struggle would not overshadow negotiations for South Africa's liberation. In the article 'Zimbabwe land reform waited for SA' (28/07/2005) President Thabo Mbeki stated:

"The Zimbabwe government delayed its land-reform programme so that negotiations for South Africa's liberation succeeded, said President Thabo Mbeki on Thursday.

"They slowed down to get the negotiations in this country to succeed," said Mbeki as he arrived at the land summit without prior notification.

He said that when South Africa was negotiating its transition to democracy, around the time which Zimbabwe had started its land reform programme, the Organisation of African Unity had asked Zimbabwe to stop the programme as it would 'frighten the apartheid government in South Africa.'"

Zimbabwe under President Mugabe sacrificed much to assist the struggle in South Africa. It is only fitting that South Africa assist Zimbabwe in dealing with outside interferences from the U.S. and Europe in their attempts to prevent the ongoing effort to reclaim lands from the White settlers.

Land is one of the main issues in Zimbabwe's liberation struggle. A return of the land that was stolen should be the primary concern for all African nations in the liberation struggle.

Shame on any African nation that calls itself free when the best agricultural lands remain in the hands of White settlers. Is it not a shame that a rich continent feels dependant on these former colonial countries? It is a colonial mindset that maintains the fallacy that Africans cannot take care of their own affairs and must have White overlords in order to progress.

One of the legacies of colonialism is the dependency syndrome that developed. The worst of it comes from those who hold on to these colonial institutions and their pompous titles.

Where is Desmond Tutu's condemnation of the illegal U.S./Ethiopian invasion of Somalia? It seems he has no problem with 'truth and reconciliation' for letting Whites off the hook - the same Whites in and out of South Africa who are responsible for the deaths of countless Africans. His vilest comments should be reserved for George Bush, Tony Blair and others who are responsible for countless genocidal murders along with a multitude of crimes against humanity.

It should be obvious to all that the U.S., Britain and their lacquey Morgan Tsvangirai have no respect for the rule of law and democracy in Zimbabwe. Having failed at the ballot, they are trying to force the democratically elected government in Zimbabwe out of office.

Zimbabweans and their government should never cave into the U.S., British and White settlers' plan to destabilize the country. The Zimbabwe government should not allow the minority opposition forces in the country or abroad to chaotically run rampant in order to make the country ungovernable.

Africans the world over should be firm in demanding that lands in Africa be returned to the Africans they were taken from and that proper monetary compensation be paid. Africans should never allow the U.S. and Europe to choose our friends and enemies for us. We should not allow the enticement of economic aid and trade to be used as a weapon against other Africans.

Shame on all who have allowed the U.S. and Europe to get away with genocide. Shame on those not willing to stand for the completion of the Liberation struggle.

Reconciliation is a farce! The truth is there can be no reconciliation without justice.

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