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Only Zimbabweans can choose their leaders
Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2007

EDITOR — Allow me to salute His Excellency, President Mugabe, and fellow Zimbabweans for their determination and resilience in the face of externally induced economic hardships. True love for our country will see us through.

Of course, Westerners would want us to believe the economic hardships result from alleged human rights violations. The question is violations on whom, by whom?

We let the facts speak for themselves, because facts are more important than conjecture. If my memory serves me right, Charles Dickens repeated the word "facts" five times in the first paragraph of his book, "Hard Times".

Hard times like the ones we are experiencing. Of course, people are suffering but that is not because of what the West would like us to believe.

The truth of the matter is that the suffering results from the West's quest to effect illegal regime change in Zimbabwe. The British government and its allies wanted to launch a counter-revolution; a project aimed at trying to reverse the land reform programme.

Now according to Karl Marx, "revolution is always based on land. Revolution is never based on begging somebody for an integrated cup of coffee", and never on trumped-up charges of alleged human rights violations.

The intruders need to be reminded that regime change is the preserve of Zimbabweans. It is only Zimbabweans who can choose or reject their leaders.

Westerners must never forget that we, Zimbabweans, fought for the democracy and rights they enjoy today, while they (Westerners) overtly and covertly supported the Smith regime.

Zimbabweans took up arms because of grievances over land. Now these neo-colonials want us to believe they know best what is good for us.

Shame on them!

We prevailed against the settler regime because we identified land to be at the core of people's grievances, we have done so again and we shall overcome.

Tanonoka Gomo.

Kuwadzana 7,


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