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Russia and China veto resolution on Syria at UN
Posted: Sunday, February 5, 2012

Exposed: The Arab agenda in Syria
Here's a crash course on the "democratic" machinations of the Arab League - rather the GCC League, as real power in this pan-Arab organization is wielded by two of the six Persian Gulf monarchies composing the Gulf Cooperation Council, also known as Gulf Counter-revolution Club; Qatar and the House of Saud.

Russia and China veto resolution on Syria at UN
An Arab and Western-backed resolution condemning the violent crackdown in Syria has been vetoed at the UN Security Council by Russia and China.

Clinton and Lavrov square off over Syria
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave opposing public speeches Saturday on what should be done in Syria, and then took their dispute behind closed doors in a heated bilateral meeting, in advance of Saturday's U.N. Security Council action in New York.

US 'Disgusted' by Russia, China Veto of UN Resolution to End Violence in Syria

...Russia and China braved Arab and Western fury

Obama asks Assad to 'step aside,' condemns mass murder in Homs

Syrian government denies reports of army shelling city of Homs
Syrian government has denied as baseless reports about shelling the central city of Homs at the hands of the Syrian military forces, the state-run news agency says.

Russia as Smokescreen: Cynicism Around Syria

Cairo government office torched as protests rage: state TV
Egypt's tax authority building in Cairo was set on fire as street protests against army rule raged into the early hours of Sunday, state TV footage showed.

Libyan militia accused of torturing to death ambassador to France
One of Libya's many new militias has been accused of detaining and apparently torturing to death a former ambassador to France, the latest allegation of brutality to mar the victorious revolutionaries' reputation since the fall of Col Muammar Gaddafi.

Fact Checking the Media

During an interview last month on CBS' Face the Nation, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta set the record straight on Iran: "Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No." But if you read recent news reports lately, you'd think otherwise.

Day of Mass Action to Stop a U.S. War on Iran
NO war! NO sanctions! NO intervention! NO assassinations!

No war on Iran! No assassinations! No intervention! No sanctions!
Demonstrators gather at White House to demand:

Lawmakers, "Experts" Spin Tales of Iranian Terror in Latin America
Through its ties with Venezuela and other nations in Latin America, Iran is building an anti-U.S. alliance in the Western Hemisphere that poses a direct, imminent threat to the United States, an influential U.S. lawmaker said Thursday.

Robert Fisk: An attack on Tehran would be madness. So don't rule it out
After invading Iraq over weapons of mass destruction, we plan to clap as Israel bombs Iran

U.N. Nuclear Inspectors' Visit to Iran Is a Failure, West Says
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — American and European officials said Friday that a mission by international nuclear inspectors to Tehran this week had failed to address their key concerns, indicating that Iran's leaders believe they can resist pressure to open up the nation's nuclear program.

Crack Israeli commando unit formed to target Iranian nuclear programme

Assassination Unit set up inside Iran
The Chief of world most dangerous intelligence agency, Israeli Mossad recently secretly paid an unpublicised visit to the United States apparently to seek American support for overt and covert operations inside Iran.

Are Obama and Netanyahu Trying to Push Iran toward a Nuke?
Opponents of war with Iran got a boost the other day from an unlikely source. Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper told a Senate committee, "We do not know if Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons."

Iran to cut oil exports to 'hostile' European states

Iran says oil ban will not halt nuclear work
Iran's oil minister said the Islamic state would not retreat from its nuclear program even if its crude oil exports grind to a halt, the official IRNA news agency reported on Saturday.

German FM: No military action against Iran
Germany's foreign minister says Europe is determined to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran but is warning against military action.

Iranian warships dock at Saudi port
Iranian naval ships docked on Saturday in the Saudi port city of Jeddah on a mission to project the Islamic republic's "power on the open seas," the Fars news agency reported.

Iran mass producing anti-ship cruise missile: TV
The Zafar missile, as it is dubbed in the report, "is a short-range, anti-ship cruise missile capable of destroying small- and medium-sized targets with high precision."

CIA tactics in Pakistan include targeting rescuers and funerals
The findings are published just days after President Obama claimed that the drone campaign in Pakistan was a 'targeted, focused effort' that 'has not caused a huge number of civilian casualties.'

India tells Britain: We don't want your aid
India's Finance Minister has said that his country "does not require" British aid, describing it as "peanuts".
Pranab Mukherjee and other Indian ministers tried to terminate Britain's aid to their booming country last year - but relented after the British begged them to keep taking the money, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Nuclear sub on Falklands patrol
... as the flames of fury continue in Argentina

30 years later, Argentines still want 'their' islands back from Britain
London's tabloids and British leaders are depicting Argentina as dangerous and belligerent 30 years after its invasion of the Falkland Islands. Argentines say Britain should consider its own history of waging war around the globe, and acknowledge that the islands and seas around them rightfully belong to Argentina.

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