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Obama administration moves to aid Syrian opposition
Posted: Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Obama administration moves to aid Syrian opposition
The Obama administration is moving to provide direct assistance to the internal opposition in Syria for the first time, marking a shift in U.S. policy toward a more aggressive plan to help oust President Bashar al-Assad.

Iran Has Corroborative Evidence to Prove US Involvement in Arms Smuggling into Syria

Stratfor leaks: NATO commandos in illegal special ops in Syria
Undercover NATO troops are already in Syria despite denials from their parent governments, according to a leaked brief from a highly-placed analyst.

John McCain: U.S. should bomb Syria
Arizona Republican John McCain on Monday became the first senator to call for U.S.-led air strikes to stop the slaughter of unarmed civilians being carried out by the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Thirteen French officers 'captured by Syrian Army'
Thirteen French officers have been captured by Syrian forces according to the Lebanon-based Daily Star newspaper, the first mainstream media outlet to report on rumours of Western troops on the ground.

In Syria, al Jazeera's Credibility Implodes
The guy who runs al Jazeera's Syrian coverage is the brother of a SNC bigwig

U.S. to renew efforts to press post-election Russia on Syria issue

Russia says no shift on Syria after Putin victory
Russia warned the West on Tuesday not to expect a shift in its stance on Syria following Vladimir Putin's victory in a presidential election, saying its position had nothing to do with domestic politics.

Gulf jabs at Syrian regime also aimed at Iran
Around a gold-draped hall in Saudi Arabia, Gulf envoys listened to their host denounce the Syrian regime as an enemy of its people and the region.

Iran is not a punch bag, says George Galloway, this war must be stopped before it begins
George Galloway, speaking at Stop the War Coalition's National Conference on 3 March 2012, spelt out the consequences of an attack on Iran by Israel and the United States. Following the defeat of the Western powers in Iraq and Afghanistan, the British government is sleep-walking into another disastrous war, he said. They will have to be stopped or all of us will pay for their mistake for the rest of our lives.

Netanyahu's conspiracy to drag the U.S. to war
'Sometime between early June and mid-August, just before the Republican nominating convention, will be the ideal moment to drag the United States into war, the planners believe.'

By conjuring the Holocaust, Netanyahu brought Israel closer to war with Iran
Haaretz's editor-in-chief says that the Prime Minister publicly booby-trapped himself to war with Iran by comparing the need to strike its nuclear program with the Jewish request to bomb Auschwitz.

Republicans clash with Obama on Iranian response

US will ensure Israel's "military superiority": Panetta

Big powers accept Iran offer of nuclear talks - EU's Ashton
Six world powers have accepted an Iranian offer for talks on its disputed nuclear programme, the European Union's top diplomat said on Tuesday, after a year's standstill that has increased fears of a slide into a new Middle East war.

Iran overturns death sentence for 'CIA spy' Hekmati
Iran's Supreme Court has overturned the death sentence given to an Iranian-American national accused of spying for the CIA and ordered a retrial.

We Can Live with a Nuclear Iran
Fears of a bomb in Tehran's hands are overhyped, and a war to prevent it would be a disaster.

Top Military, Intelligence Officials Join NIAC in Warning Against Iran War in Full-Page Washington Post Ad

'Spy' journalists reported killing of black Libyans
Two British journalists detained in Libya and accused of being spies were reporting on atrocities meted out against black people by the same forces that arrested them.

Libya tribes declare breakaway region in oil-rich area

Tribal leaders threaten to start break-up of Libya

U.S. official: Missiles give Libyan militias 'leverage'
Libyan militias that are sitting on stockpiles of portable anti-aircraft missiles will probably not relinquish them until they reach a broad political agreement with the country's fledgling central government, a top State Department official said.

Murder Is Legal, Says Eric Holder
Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday explained why it's legal to murder people — not to execute prisoners convicted of capital crimes, not to shoot someone in self-defense, not to fight on a battlefield in a war that is somehow legalized, but to target and kill an individual sitting on his sofa, with no charges, no arrest, no trial, no approval from a court, no approval from a legislature, no approval from we the people, and, in fact, no sharing of information with any institutions that are not the president.

Holder: When War on Terror Targets Americans
Under what conditions can or should the United States government target and kill -- without trial -- a U.S. citizen suspected of plotting terrorism?

Eric Holder: U.S. can target citizens overseas in terror fight
Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. defended the U.S. right to target and kill American citizens overseas in the war on terror, telling an audience at the Northwestern University law school that when those individuals pose a real threat to this country and cannot be captured unharmed, "we must take steps to stop them."

UN official slams WikiLeaks suspect Manning's treatment
US authorities' treatment of WikiLeaks suspect Private Bradley Manning was "cruel and degrading," the UN special rapporteur on torture Juan Ernesto Mendez said Monday.

25 Iraqi police killed in insurgent rampage

2 survivors provide intimate look inside Lord's Resistance Army

Malawi's President Mutharika tells donors 'go to hell'
Malawi's President Bingu wa Mutharika has told foreign donors to "go to hell", accusing them of plotting with local groups to topple his government.

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