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Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Posted: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Obama toasts Bush: 'We are surely a kinder and gentler nation because of you'
"On behalf of all of us, let me just say that we are surely a kinder and gentler nation because of you, and we can't thank you enough," Obama added.

Bradley Manning case: lawyers battle over most serious charge
Defense lawyers say the prosecution has not proven that Pfc. Bradley Manning intended to aid the enemy in releasing classified information to WikiLeaks.

The crux of the NSA story in one phrase: 'collect it all'
The actual story that matters is not hard to see: the NSA is attempting to collect, monitor and store all forms of human communication

Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Swedish professor nominates whistleblower for heroically revealing extent of U.S. government surveillance

Snowden submits request for asylum in Russia

Putin: Snowden will leave Russia at earliest opportunity

PRISM: EU renews efforts to get US to recognise citizens' right to privacy
Europe's justice commissioner said the revelations around PRISM have strengthened the European Commission's resolve to secure guarantees from the US over the handling of EU citizens' data.

Surveillance Blowback: The Making of the US Surveillance State, 1898-2020

Locking Out the Voices of Dissent

EU takes tougher stance on Israeli settlements
'Earthquake' directive will prohibit EU states from signing deals with Israel unless settlement exclusion clause is included

L.A. officials urge calm, vow to crack down on protesters

Eric Holder: After Trayvon, It's Time To End “Stand Your Ground”

The U.S. v. Trayvon Martin: How the System Worked
But when George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed, teenage pedestrian returning home one rainy February evening from a neighborhood convenience store, the NRA went mute. Neither NRA officials nor the pro-gun wing of the Republican Party argued that had Trayvon Martin been armed, he would be alive today.

Rangel: "If The Police Had Got A Black Zimmerman... They Would Have Beat Him To Death"

7 Mind Blowing Moments From Zimmerman Juror B37's First Interview

Trayvon Martin: protesters take to the streets
Demonstrators condemn George Zimmerman's acquittal as black community leaders call for a civil rights case

America gripped by second night of fury over not guilty verdict for neighbourhood watch man who shot black teenager armed only with a bag of Skittles

Trayvon Martin, one more among so many black men killed in my lifetime
I feel the grief of all people who love fairness and justice. But George Zimmerman has his own conscience to reckon with

Zimmerman acquittal stirs protest in Calif. cities

Nancy Grace Says 'F**king Coons' Uncensored While Railing Against Zimmerman's 'Hatred' For Trayvon

The "Treme" showrunner says, "anyone who truly understands what justice is and what it requires of a society is ashamed to call himself an American."

You can stand your ground if you're white, and you can use a gun to do it. But if you stand your ground with your fists and you're black, you're dead.

Turkey's Erdogan says Morsi 'my president' in Egypt
Currently, my president in Egypt is Morsi because he was elected by the people, Turkish PM says

Police fire tear gas in Cairo, U.S. envoy spurned by parties
Police fired tear gas in central Cairo on Monday when protesters calling for the reinstatement of the ousted Islamist president, Mohamed Mursi, scuffled with drivers and passers-by annoyed that they had blocked major roads.

As Rebel Infighting Surges, Where Does Syria's Civil War Stand?

Report: Israel made sure no Russians in Latkia – then attacked
Lebanese station says Israel attacked stockpile of Russian Yakhont missiles only after ensuring no Russian experts were on-site. Another report: Senior rebel commander passed on information regarding missile stockpile to US

Israel Used Turkish Military Base In Attack On Syrian

Russia to defy US by selling anti-ship missiles to Syria
Russia is to defy Israel and the United States by supplying Syria with advanced anti-ship missiles despite fears that they could fall into the hands of Hizbollah, the Iranian-backed group based in southern Lebanon.

Israel scratching its head after US officials (again) leak Syria strike
Sources in Jerusalem say 'there's no anger' over American reports of Latakia bombing; only an attempt to figure out the leakers' motives

Obama Lawyers Said Arming Syrian Rebels Would Be Illegal, Prompt War

Netanyahu lashes out at EU, rejects 'foreign dictates about borders'
European directive barring funding of activities over Green Line could cost Israel billions. Top minister: EU won't force us to hand Jerusalem to our enemies

Arabs ready anti-Israel resolution over nukes
After 2-year hiatus, Mideast countries relaunching efforts to corner the Jewish state over its alleged nuclear arsenal

Asset Forfeiture, the Cash Cow of the Drug War

Mexico arrests Zetas cartel leader
Capture of Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, known as Z-40, is a major victory in battle against murderous drug cartels

Zanu-PF: Africa only emulates
DEMOCRACY is a playground for capitalists and imperialists! Those with baleful intrigue on Zimbabwe! Those bankrolling the discerning local political manikins! Why the specific enthralment with Zimbabwe?

France's foreign minister, in Mexico to bury hatchet, says U.S. no longer dictates world events

60 Years After The Korean War, The U.S. Must End Its Cold War Alliance With South Korea

Russia, China block U.N. condemnation of Iran missile tests

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