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Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords
Posted: Friday, July 26, 2013

Bradley Manning's 'sole purpose was to make a difference', lawyer insists
In closing arguments, defence lawyer paints portrait of Wikileaks source as someone without 'evil intent'

Prosecutor Paints Bradley Manning as Inhuman Monster
As Closing Arguments Near, Fein Rhetoric Increasingly Unhinged

Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords
Secret demands mark escalation in Internet surveillance by the federal government through gaining access to user passwords, which are typically stored in encrypted form.

Democratic establishment unmasked: prime defenders of NSA bulk spying
NYT: "The Obama administration made common cause with the House Republican leadership"

House vote reflects growing revolt over NSA surveillance
Six weeks ago, only a few in Congress were ready to challenge the government on surveillance - but opposition has grown

U.S. Assures Russia Snowden Will Not Face Death Penalty

U.S. lawmakers want sanctions on any country taking in Snowden

Senate bill authorizes sanctions on Russia or any other country offering Snowden asylum

Edward Snowden's fear of flying is justified
Snowden is a refugee, not a spy. But America has history when it comes to forcing down planes in defiance of international law

NSA surveillance critics to testify before Congress
Democrat congressman Alan Grayson says hearing will help to stop 'constant misleading information' from intelligence chiefs

Narrow Defeat: Amash Amendment to Block NSA Surveillance Fails
White House Loudly Condemned Amendment

Death Toll From Spanish Train Crash Hits 80
Investigators Look at Excess Speed as a Possible Cause

Driver in custody after 80 killed in Spain train crash

Open Letter to Trayvon's Father: Sue Zimmerman

Ex-US general: We pay a price for backing Israel
Slamming settlements, James Mattis, former commander of CentCom, tells crowd in Aspen that moderate Arabs are forced to hide support for America

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks' resumption put in doubt by both sides
Hostility within Israel's government towards preliminary talks forged by US secretary of state matched by Palestinian rebuttals

Senators Rebel Against Obama on Egypt Coup
State Dept: No Plan to Ever Notice Coup

Truth Telling Journalist Extraordinaire Helen Thomas Dead at 92
Thomas died Saturday morning at her Washington apartment

Protests after Tunisia politician shot dead
Thousands rally at interior ministry in Tunis, hours after opposition figure was assassinated in front of his house.

Protests erupt after second Tunisia opposition figure assassinated
Tunisian nationalist Mohammed Brahmi is killed in front of his wife and daughter. Protesters focus their anger on the ruling Islamist party, Nahda.

Kerry to meet Syrian rebel leaders at UN
Meeting comes as US plans to boost military aid to the rebels gain steam.

US military intervention in Syria would create 'unintended consequences'
General Martin Dempsey, top military officer, warns senators that each option under consideration would be costly and uncertain.

US 'Vetting' in Syria Boils Down to a Handshake
Officials to Use Same Route for Arms as Medical Aid

Al-Qaeda Unleashed Against Syria and Iraq With Acceptance of the West

North Korea unveiling its greatest Cold War prize: captured US Navy spy ship USS Pueblo

Two Faux Democracies That Threaten the World

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