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Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years
Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Black people twice as likely to be charged with drugs possession - report
Study by Release and LSE argues that drug stop-and-search operations are extending racial inequality in justice system

American Hero Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years
Comparisons between WikiLeaks and Pentagon Papers cases raise serious questions about government and judicial discretion.

'Travesty of Justice': Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years
'Every aspect of this case sets a dangerous precedent for future prosecutions of whistleblowers'

WikiLeaks spy Bradley Manning is sentenced to 35 years in prison - but he could be out in EIGHT years
Because of the 1,294 days he has already spent in custody, Manning will immediately shave three and a half years off his 35-year term. He is eligible for parole after serving at least one-third of the sentence, which means he could be free in eight years, when he's 33 or 34 years old. However, his lawyer said seven years could be all he serves.

Manning asks Obama for pardon, but ready to pay 'heavy price for living in a free society'
The lead attorney for Army Private first class Bradley Manning told the media on Wednesday that he'll begin asking US President Barack Obama to pardon his client as early as next week.

Statement by Julian Assange on today's sentencing of Bradley Manning

Global Progressive Community Reacts to Manning Sentence
35 year sentence proves US will 'aggressively prosecute those who expose war crimes, and diligently protect those who commit them.'

Breaking the Rules Thousands of Times at the N.S.A.

Edward Snowden files: No 10 contacted Guardian
David Cameron ordered Britain's most senior civil servant to contact the Guardian over classified information leaked by the whistle-blower Edward Snowden, it has emerged.

'Sending a message': what the US and UK are attempting to do
State-loyal journalists seem to believe in a duty to politely submit to bullying tactics from political officials

Russia slams UK's 'double standards' over Guardian pressure
UK pressure on the Guardian over Snowden's leaks contradicts the country's freedom of press declarations, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. It also reveals Britain's "double standards" on human rights, the ministry spokesman pointed out.

Guardian told to destroy NSA files for national security, says Clegg
Clegg's spokesman confirms that Sir Jeremy Heywood made request on instructions of David Cameron

British Home Office Defends Miranda Detention on National Security Grounds
Miranda Sues Over Unlawful Detention, Confiscations

British Newspaper Has Advantages in Battle With Government Over Secrets

Obama administration asks Supreme Court to allow warrantless cellphone searches
If the police arrest you, do they need a warrant to rifle through your cellphone? Courts have been split on the question. Last week the Obama administration asked the Supreme Court to resolve the issue and rule that the Fourth Amendment allows warrantless cellphone searches.

White House: US government wouldn't force reporters to destroy computers
Official says it would be 'very difficult to imagine a scenario' where newspapers would be ordered to surrender leaked secrets

'RIP privacy': New Zealand govt passes NSA-style snooping bill
New Zealand has passed a hotly-disputed bill that radically expands the powers of its spying agency. The legislation was passed 61 votes to 59 in a move that was slammed by the opposition as a death knell for privacy rights in New Zealand.

Stepped-up US drone strikes in Yemen spark massive protests
Thousands have taken to the streets of Yemen to protest deadly US drone strikes which killed dozens of people over the last two weeks, Iranian media reported. Critics say Washington's secretive policy is only pushing Yemenis to favor radical groups.

Poll: Americans criticize Obama on Egypt, want aid cut off
A majority of Americans - 51 percent - now want foreign aid to Egypt to be cut off, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.

Egypt Could Release Mubarak on Thursday
As Corruption Charges Fade, Court Says Dictator Must Be Freed

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood leader held as government intensifies crackdown
Mohamed Badie detained in raid on apartment amid growing campaign of propaganda against 'terrorist' group

Egypt Junta to Prosecute ElBaradei for Resigning to Protest Massacre
Initially Pro-Coup, ElBaradei Now Charged With 'Betrayal of Trust'

Egypt Crisis: A National Tragedy Plays Out At Cairo's Stinking Mortuary

Reports of massive chemical attack near Damascus as UN observers arrive in Syria

Syria's military command denies chemical weapon use

Media Pushes Syrian Rebels Version Of Events Surrounding Possible Chemical Weapons Attack

Yaalon Confirms Syria Chemical Attack
Israeli Defense Minister joins growing chorus of international leaders confirming chemical attack by the Syrian regime against civilians.

Russia says Syria attack claims may be 'pre-planned'
Russia's foreign ministry has called for a "fair and professional" investigation into claims troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have carried out a chemical attack near Damascus.

Chemical warhead targeted eastern suburbs of Syria's Damascus - Russian Foreign Ministry
The missile with a chemical poison gas sarine was launched by Syrian rebels and targeted the eastern suburbs of Damascus. This is according to the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.

U.S. condemns alleged Syrian chemical weapons attacks, calls for UN investigation

Syria chemical weapons claims: UN to hold emergency meeting
Security council to meet later on Wednesday in response to claims that hundreds of people have been killed in attacks

Syrian rebels threaten UN in bid to block Assad's tanks
Opposition fighters near the Israeli border will strike peacekeepers if they fail to uphold buffer zone, statement warns

Top Iran, EU diplomats agree to meet to plan new nuclear talks
Top European diplomat Catherine Ashton has agreed to meet soon with Iran's new Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, to advance preparations for resumed nuclear negotiations.

UK seeks to renew Iran sanctions despite court setback
The United Kingdom government is seeking to renew sanctions against Iran's largest private bank, despite Britain's Supreme Court finding no evidence Bank Mellat had helped to fund Iran's nuclear programme.

Cemetery In Mexico Holds Remains Of 750 U.S. Soldiers Killed During Mexican-American War

Former Chilean army chief admits handing over to nuns the child of slain left-wing activists

Kenya: Defence Forces Guns Down 20 Al Shabaab Militants In Garissa

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