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Iran, Not Syria, Is the West's Real Target
Posted: Saturday, August 31, 2013

Iran, Not Syria, Is the West's Real Target
Iran is ever more deeply involved in protecting the Syrian government. Thus a victory for Bashar is a victory for Iran. And Iranian victories cannot be tolerated by the West

Russia sharply steps up criticism of U.S. over Syria
MOSCOW Russia dramatically escalated its denunciations of American threats to attack Syrian military targets on Saturday, with President Vladimir Putin saying it would have been "utter nonsense" for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons as the Obama administration alleges.

Shock as David Cameron's Commons fiasco prompts President Obama to seek a Congress vote backing military intervention in Syria
President makes strong case for air strikes - but there is no guarantee the legislature will back him

'AMATEUR HOUR': Krauthammer slams Obama's sudden decision to delay Syria strike

Frustrated Obama: I won't be 'paralyzed' on Syria

Obama risks embarrassing loss in Congress

France's Hollande facing pressure for deputies to vote on Syria
French President Francois Hollande reaffirmed to U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday his will to punish Syria for a suspected chemicals weapons attack but was under increasing pressure to put the intervention to parliament.

Little Global Support for US Attack on Syria
France May Be Only US Partner in Conflict

U.S. Had Intel on Chemical Strike Before It Was Launched

Phony intel on Iraq WMD haunting U.S. claims of Syria threat
The ghost of "Curveball" is haunting the Obama administration and undermining its efforts to marshal strong foreign and domestic support for military strikes on Syria.

Syria Dossier: Another Failed Argument

Syria: 'napalm' bomb dropped on school playground, BBC claims
Incendiary bomb in northern Syria kills more than 10 children and leaves others horrifically burnt, Panorama reports

David Miranda row: Seized files 'endanger agents'
Details in files seized from Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald's partner could risk intelligence officers' lives, a senior cabinet adviser says.

Microsoft, Google Say They're Moving Forward With NSA Lawsuit
Microsoft and Google say they will go forward with a lawsuit against the U.S. government that seeks to make information about surveillance requests public.

US Drone Strikes Kill Six in Yemen, Including al-Qaeda Official
Slain AQAP Leader Was 'On His Honeymoon'

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