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Looming Government Shutdown
Posted: Monday, September 30, 2013

Looming Government Shutdown: What a Way to Run a Country
Washington is dysfunctional, out-of-control, corrupt, lawless and self-serving. Both parties represent two sides of the same coin.

Freed by DNA, Angola Prisoner Henry James on His 30 Years Behind Bars for Crime He Didn't Commit
James spent 30 years in the notorious Louisiana State Penitentiary, known as Angola prison, on a life sentence without parole for rape.

NSA Metadata Collection Puts Journalists' Sources at Risk
Phil Zimmermann: Metadata surveillance can be used to monitor and go after journalists' sources

The NSA Deserves a Permanent Shutdown
To the people in control of the Executive Branch, violating our civil liberties is an essential government service. So -- to ensure total fulfillment of Big Brother's vast responsibilities -- the National Security Agency is insulated from any fiscal disruption.

Snowden among finalists for EU human rights prize

Target or Not, the NSA is Storing the Metadata of Millions
New report directly contradicts claims by Obama that the NSA only stores information from people who are specifically targeted

White House Defends NSA Amid Social Mapping Report

Greenwald, Scahill vow to unmask NSA's ‘US assassination program'
American investigative journalists Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald say they have teamed up to prepare a report on the National Security Agency's role in what one of them described as the "US assassination program."

The one leak with bigger fallout than Snowden's combined
A leak about an August al-Qaida plot reportedly has left U.S. intelligence reeling

Greece plans new anti-racism law amid Golden Dawn crackdown

Assad: I will Comply with UN Call to Dismantle Chemical Weapons
Makes video pledge following passage of UN Security Council Resolution

Syria Chemical Disarmament Begins Tuesday
OPCW Inspectors Will Bring Their Sledgehammers

Lavrov says Syrias rebels have chemical arms, proof mounting

U.S. Is Arming Syrian Rebels, But Refugees Who've Aided Them Are Considered Terrorists

President Al Assad's interview with Italian Rai News 24 - 29 September 2013

A Syrian solution to civil conflict? The Free Syrian Army is holding talks with Assad's senior staff
Secret approach to the President could reshape the whole war

Was Obama Planning on Striking Syria or Working to Gain Traction in Talks With Iran?

Climate change? Try catastrophic climate breakdown
The message from the IPCC report is familiar and shattering: it's as bad as we thought it was

Hassan Rouhani suggests resuming direct flights between Iran and US
Iranian president asks aide to look at restarting flights after more than three decades as part of thaw in relations

Binyamin Netanyahu urges Obama to keep Iran sanctions in place
Israel has been sceptical of Iranian president Rouhani's diplomatic overtures, saying 'Iran is committed to Israel's destruction'

Downplaying Diplomacy, Obama Threatens to Attack Iran
Aims to 'Reassure' Israel by Threatening Iran

Israeli PM relieved with Obama assurances US won't cave to Iran
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed relief Monday with President Obama's reassurances the United States will not cave in to Iran in upcoming nuclear talks.

CNN Poll: Most in U.S. favor negotiations with Iran over nukes

U.S. Aims to Ease Doubt on Iran Talks
Obama, Netanyahu to Meet in Washington on Monday

Ms. Kalashnikov: The Women Rebels of Congo
They murder, rob and kidnap, just like their male comrades. Some women fight for rebel groups in Congo against their will, while others are driven by desperation. Photographer Francesca Tosarelli documented their dangerous lives.

Mali fights rebels in north as army officers protest in south

65 Killed, 203 Wounded As Baghdad Suffers More Bombings

UN reports refugees from Congo war swelling

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