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Can Iran Trust the United States?
Posted: Wednesday, October 2, 2013

'The End of Global Privacy': Greenwald Talks NSA
In extended online forum Guardian journalist and editor discuss implications of their paper's work on global surveillance state

Congress Remains Split on NSA: Intel Chiefs Push Against Reform
Feinstein Eyes Resolution That Avoids Real Change

NSA Chief: Yes, We've Bulk Collected Americans' GPS Cell Phone Data

Why Obamacare Is Another Private Sector Rip-Off Of Americans
The private sector allied with government is a second IRS

US shutdown takes effect as thousands of workers prepare to be sent home
Senate to reconvene after political sparring ends in stalemate and US enters first federal government shutdown since 1996

Two U.S. generals ousted over failure to secure Afghan base

NYTimes Again Ignores Israel's Nukes
If a country with a large but undeclared nuclear arsenal threatens war against a country without a single nuclear bomb, you might think that a serious news organization would note the existing nuclear arsenal at least in passing. But if the country doing the threatening is Israel and the country being threatened is Iran, the New York Times can't seem to find space to mention Israel's rogue nuclear weapons.

With 2.3 Million People Incarcerated in the US, Prisons Are Big Business

Tehran's tone sparks interest at home and abroad
Shifts in Iranian foreign policy announced by recently elected President Rouhani are yet to take concrete shape. After a flurry of international attention, the president is now focusing on a domestic audience.

Can Iran Trust the United States?
People ask whether the United States can trust Iran. The better question is whether Iran can trust the United States.

Iranian politics spurred Zarif 'flip flop' charge
A senior US official on Tuesday said domestic politics in Iran were behind a charge by Tehran that Washington had flip-flopped on pursuing diplomacy to end a nuclear standoff.

Netanyahu's UN speech: Sounds like a sociopath?
Iranian missiles will hit New York in "three to four years". A nuclear Iran is like "50 North Koreas". This could be the sound of a deranged, dangerous sociopath, or this could be the sound of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu addressing the UN General Assembly.

Al-Qaida spokesman criticizes rival Syrian rebels

Syria the newest magnet for self-styled jihadists

Gen. Dempsey: US Will Create Moderate Syrian Security Forces
Insists US Has 'Incredible Experience' at Building Police Forces

1,271 Killed: Iraq's September Toll Shows Violence Still on the Rise
Nearly Threefold Increase From Last Year's Toll

Are U.S. Soldiers Really This Dumb?

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