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Saudis sever links with U.S. over Syria
Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

U.S. military investing heavily in Africa
Increased U.S. spending, especially at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, reflects Africa's growing importance to counter-terrorism efforts.

Saudis sever links with U.S. over Syria
Prince rejects UN council seat to show frustration at Obama's failure to arm rebels

U.S. tries to calm Saudi anger over Syria, Iran

Saudi Arabia 'failing to address human rights concerns'
Saudi Arabia has failed to act on recommendations by a UN body to improve human rights and instead "ratcheted up" repression, Amnesty International says.

Assad says 'factors not in place' for Syria peace talks
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview Monday that "factors are not yet in place" for peace talks despite efforts by world powers to convene a meeting next month.

NSA Revelations Monkeywrench Police Surveillance State Schemes
As it turns out, Edward Snowden's revelations to the world about NSA surveillance of phone calls, email, text messages and any other kind of electronic communications have given more than the agency's own employees a sad.

US National Security Agency 'spied on French diplomats'

Mexico calls alleged US spying on former president 'unacceptable'
Mexico has criticised the United States over new allegations of spying after a German magazine reported that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had hacked Felipe Calderon's public email account while he was president.

France, Mexico seek answers after 'shocking' US spy claims
France and Mexico have angrily demanded prompt explanations from the United States following "shocking" new spying allegations leaked by former US security contractor Edward Snowden.

French President Hollande berates US over spying claims
French President Francois Hollande has expressed "deep disapproval" over claims the US National Security Agency secretly tapped phone calls in France.

NSA Recorded 70 Million French Calls in 30-Day Period

US admits: French surveillance revelations raise 'legitimate questions'
White House makes frank admission over 'how our capabilities are deployed' following call between Obama and Hollande

White House on French NSA complaint: 'all nations' spy

NSA spy program reporter promises more bombshells

Glenn Greenwald and the $250 Million "Angel Investor"

Amnesty says US officials should face war crimes charges over drone strikes
Joint report with Human Rights Watch judges attacks in Yemen and Pakistan to have broken international human rights law

Rights Groups to World: Hold U.S. to Account for Possible Drone 'War Crimes'
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch join forces to indict globe-wide drone killing program as affront to international law and human rights

'Acting Like Hit-and-Run Driver,' US Defends Drone Killings
As Pakistan prime minister set to meet with Obama, White House refuses to acknowledge counterproductive nature of program

Accidentally Revealed Document Shows TSA Doesn't Think Terrorists Are Plotting To Attack Airplanes

Race Is Central to the Fear and Angst of the US Right
The shrinking white base of the Republican party cannot accept the country in which it now lives so it shut it down

Thousands Of Consumers Get Insurance Cancellation Notices Due To Health Law Changes

The Business of America Is War
Disaster Capitalism on the Battlefield and in the Boardroom

Noam Chomsky, Why It's "Legal" When the U.S. Does It
The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful

Iran gives Russia copy of US ScanEagle drone as proof of mass production
US spy drone given to prove Iran's forces have mass produced the drone they claim to have captured a year ago

Gaddafi's wife demands return of his body
The widow of ousted Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has urged the United Nations and the European Union to help her recover the remains of her husband and their son Mutassim.

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