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Germany: Prepared to speak with Snowden
Posted: Friday, November 1, 2013

Shooter opens fire at Los Angeles International Airport

Suspect In Custody After Shooting Prompts Evacuation At Terminal 3 At LAX
Miller said the unidentified suspect entered the terminal wearing camouflage and opened fire around 9:30 a.m., wounding at least three people.

Germany: Prepared to speak with Snowden

German journalists urged to shun Google and Yahoo

Finland says it was target of "massive" digital spying

GCHQ and European spy agencies worked together on mass surveillance
Edward Snowden papers unmask close technical cooperation and loose alliance between British, German, French, Spanish and Swedish spy agencies

NSA chief Keith Alexander blames diplomats for surveillance requests
Barbed exchange with former ambassador over spying on foreign leaders likely to deepen rift with Obama administration

Obama halted NSA spying on IMF and World Bank headquarters

Australia Played Part in N.S.A. Spying
Australia, a close ally of the United States, has used its embassies in Asia to collect intelligence as part of the National Security Agency’s global surveillance efforts, according to a document leaked by the former agency contractor Edward J. Snowden and published this week in the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel.

US surveillance has gone too far, John Kerry admits
Kerry says certain practices occurred 'on autopilot' and vows to meet allies to repair damage caused by NSA spying revelations

Snowden lands job with major Russian website

Why whistleblowers are crucial for democracy: Linden MacIntyre

In 2013, You Paid $574 to the NSA
Imagine being beaten to a pulp by a mafia hit-man. Your nose is broken and dribbling blood, your left eye is swollen shut, you may have broken ribs. Somehow, you manage to stand up. Just then, the hit-man produces an invoice for his services to the tune of $574.

Senate committee backs bill that would allow NSA data collection to continue
Legislation would provide increased transparency but NSA critics in Congress say proposals don't go far enough

U.S. tries to deal with ‘blowback’ from disclosure of surveillance on allies

Pakistani Taliban confirm Hakimullah Mehsud died in drone strike
Group confirms leader, who has been reported dead several times before, was killed in North Waziristan

Pakistani political leader says NATO supply routes will be cut if U.S. drone strikes continue

The Rising Resistance to Obama’s Drone Wars

US Confirms New Israel Attack On Syria
Damascus target hit in addition to Latakia airbase; both sites said to contain arms meant for Hezbollah, Al-Arabiya reports

White House Confirms: Israel Attacked Syria Airbase
Warplanes Went Through Lebanon, Reports Say

Syria Destroys Chemical Sites, Inspectors Say

Forget Sanctions: House Hawks Pushing for Iran War
Bill Would Green-Light Attack on Iran

Propaganda & Ignorance in Reporting on Iran

Iran Side-Meeting With Western Officials Ends Quietly
No Word on What Came of Vienna Meeting

Biden, Power Seek to Reassure on Iran Talks, Urge Sanctions Delay
Power: US Won't Make a 'Bad Deal'

Putin repeals orders on missile shield cooperation with NATO
Russian President Vladimir Putin has invalidated the order of 2011, which set up an interdepartmental working group at the Russian presidential administration to develop missile defense cooperation with NATO.

Peace process is doomed to fail while Israel stalls for time
Whatever happened to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process? You could be forgiven for thinking everyone packed up shop a while ago and forgot to inform you. There’s been barely a peep about it since the revival of talks was greeted with great fanfare back in July.

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