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Noam Chomsky: De-Americanizing the World
Posted: Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Killing Arafat: Swiss study - Polonium found in Arafat's bones
Scientists find at least 18 times the normal levels of radioactive element in late Palestinian leader's remains.

Kerry urges Israeli settlement limits
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urged Israel on Wednesday to limit settlement building, an issue that is weighing on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

The US and Pakistan: An Incompatible Couple
The US needs Pakistan for Afghan pullout, and Pakistan needs US funds

Pakistani Govt Under Growing Pressure to Close NATO Supply Lines
Provincial Ultimatum May Force Sharif to Act

Unmanned Gods of Destruction: How Drone Strikes Kill Civilians And Target Rescuers

The Obama administration may be guilty of war crimes
Reports on US drone strikes suggest White House policy violates international law. If so, they should be held accountable

Jeremy Scahill "First Obama Authorized Drone Strike In Yemen Killed 36 Women & Children!"

The CIA, Not The Pentagon, Will Keep Running Obama's Drone War
In May, the White House leaked word that it would start shifting drone operations from the shadows of the CIA to the relative sunlight of the Defense Department in an effort to be more transparent about the controversial targeted killing program. But six months later, the so-called migration of those operations has stalled, and it is now unlikely to happen anytime soon, Foreign Policy has learned.

6 Months After Obama Promised to Divulge More on Drones, Here's What We Still Don't Know
The number of drone strikes has dropped this year, but they've continued to make headlines. On Friday, a U.S. drone killed the head of the Pakistani Taliban. A few days earlier came the first drone strike in Somalia in nearly two years.

Iran negotiator says outline nuclear deal possible this week

NSA Spying, Rendition Fallout Dog John Kerry in Poland

Kerry Dismisses EU Anger Over NSA Surveillance
Insists Administration Will 'Strike the Right Balance'

Shouting '9/11' in a Crowded Internet
Why the NSA's 'we keep you safe from terrorists' rationale is bogus.

Tech Companies Slap Back at the N.S.A.'s Smiley Face
What does it take to make tech companies, Dianne Feinstein, Germans, Indonesians, and John Kerry lose patience with the National Security Agency's practices? Everyone unhappy with the N.S.A. is unhappy in his or her own way. (The Indonesians, for example, are angry because we helped the Australians spy on them.) As for those who are happy with it—there are too few in that pool to produce epiphanies.

Apple: US asked for data on 2,000+ users in 2013

Former FBI agent Mike German talks about the NSA

As U.S. Weighs Spying Changes, Officials Say Data Sweeps Must Continue

White House rejects clemency for Edward Snowden over NSA leaks
Obama adviser and heads of House and Senate intelligence signal hard line despite European support for whistleblower

UK government reaction to NSA leaks eroding freedom, rights groups warn
Coalition of organisations says Cameron's response has damaged UK's reputation for freedom of expression

Brazil defends spying as 'different' from that of US
Brazil's justice minister has defended his country's spying activities, saying they were "completely different" from those carried out by the United States.

50 displaced Syrians 'die of starvation' near Jordan border
Fifty Syrian refugees trapped along the Jordanian-Syrian border by ongoing shelling died of starvation and malnutrition on Monday and Tuesday, activists and border region residents said.

Arab League backs Syria peace talks, urges opposition to go

Russia says Iran must be invited to Syria conference
Russia said on Tuesday Iran must be invited to a proposed peace conference on Syria, reiterating its stance after the main Syrian opposition leader said his coalition would not attend if Iran took part.

U.S., Russia fail to agree on Syria peace talks date

Israel says Separation Wall will be border
Negotiators tell Palestinian officials they will not get a state based on 1967 borders, Israeli reports say.

Ireland: Israeli products marked with yellow sticker
BDS movement places yellow stickers on Israeli products reading 'For justice in Palestine Boycott Israel'. Israeli Foreign Ministry : Yellow sticker reminiscent of dark days of racism, incitement

Bob Dreyfuss, American Death Spiral in the Middle East

A Field Guide to Losing Friends, Influencing No One, and Alienating the Middle East

Noam Chomsky: De-Americanizing the World
During the latest episode of the Washington farce that has astonished a bemused world, a Chinese commentator wrote that if the United States cannot be a responsible member of the world system, perhaps the world should become "de-Americanized" -- and separate itself from the rogue state that is the reigning military power but is losing credibility in other domains.

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