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Iran Gets Short End of the Geneva Deal
Posted: Monday, December 2, 2013

Metro-North Train In Fatal Crash Was Going 82 MPH As It Approached 30 MPH Zone
A commuter train that derailed over the weekend, killing four passengers, was hurtling at 82 mph as it entered a 30 mph curve, a federal investigator said Monday. But whether the wreck was the result of human error or brake trouble was still unclear, he said.

Dollar survival behind US-China tensions
The escalation of military tensions between Washington and Beijing in the East China Sea is superficially over China's unilateral declaration of an air defense zone. But the real reason for Washington's ire is the recent Chinese announcement that it is planning to reduce its holdings of the US dollar.

Obama's Ludicrous Afghanistan Declarations
President Obama thinks he can make war appear to be peace with a wave of "his semantic magic wand." U.S. troops in Afghanistan, including elite killer teams, are to be redefined as mere "advisors" to Afghan forces so that America's "combat" role can be declared ended – to be followed by ten more years of mass killing and occupation.

Afghans describe relatives' deaths in recent U.S. drone strike
Residents of a village in eastern Afghanistan's Kunar province say a Sept. 7 attack killed 14 civilians, most of them their relatives. The U.S. says 11 were killed, mostly Taliban fighters.

Iran Gets Short End of the Geneva Deal
After all the gnashing of teeth, beating of breasts and tearing of hair coming from Israel and its American supporters, you'd think last week's nuclear deal in Geneva has opened the way for Iran to become a mighty nuclear weapons power.

Report: Iran needs more nuclear power plants
Iran's nuclear chief said Sunday that the Islamic Republic needs more nuclear power plants, the country's official news agency reported, just after it struck a deal regarding its contested nuclear program with world powers.

Iran's Zarif to visit Saudi Arabia to allay concerns over nuclear deal

The Boys Who Cried "Munich"

Report: Netanyahu orders Mossad to find proof Iran violating nuclear accord
'Sunday Times' quotes Israeli defense sources as saying Jerusalem wants to discredit Geneva deal by finding evidence of Iranian duplicity.

US official: Netanyahu's response to Iran deal 'weak and desperate'
Unnamed White House staffer reportedly says PM losing support in Washington over his attempts to sway Congress

Foreign Minister Zarif on Iran and Its Persian Gulf Neighbors

Ron Paul: You Cannot Negotiate With Iran?
You cannot negotiate with Iran. That is what they told us for years. The Iranian leadership is too fanatical, they are not rational actors, they are "not like us." One US official even recently said that deception is part of the Iranian DNA. But just over a week ago negotiations between the five permanent UN Security Council Members plus Germany and the Iranians produced an historic agreement that may be first step toward a new era in US relations with the Middle East.

Ehud Olmert: Netanyahu tried to interfere in U.S. elections
Former prime minister criticizes his successor's public wrangle with Obama over Iran, claims Netanyahu tried to drive wedge between Congress and U.S. president.

Israel's plan to forcibly resettle Negev Bedouins prompts global protests
'Day of rage' over demolition of 'unrecognised' villages in Bedouins' ancestral lands turns violent, with 40 arrests made

'Day of rage': Police, protesters clash in Israel at plans to evict 40,000 Bedouins

Put a Stop to the Displacement of Bedouin Communities in Israel

Syrian aircraft kill 50 in northern rebel town
Syrian government helicopters dropped barrels full of explosives on a rebel-held town near the northern city of Aleppo, killing at least 50 people in two separate attacks over the weekend, activists said Sunday.

Syrian chemical arms 'to be destroyed on US Navy ship'
The US has volunteered a specially-modified naval vessel to help with the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons

George Galloway Talks to Syrian Nun, Mother Agnes
Mother Agnes was invited to speak at a Stop the War conference in London on November 30. However after hearing that two other speakers scheduled to speak at the event – Owen Jones and Jeremy Scahill – were threatening to withdraw unless her invitation was rescinded by the organisers, Mother Agnes took the decision to withdraw from the conference of her own volition. She has been demonized by her detractors as a 'pro regime stooge'.

Britain targets Guardian newspaper over intelligence leaks related to Edward Snowden
Living in self-imposed exile in Russia, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden may be safely beyond the reach of Western powers. But dismayed by the continued airing of trans­atlantic intelligence, British authorities are taking full aim at a messenger shedding light on his secret files here — the small but mighty Guardian newspaper.

Edward Snowden revelations prompt UN investigation into surveillance
UN's senior counter-terrorism official says revelations 'are at the very apex of public interest concerns'

Glenn Grenwald: Attacking Journalists, Whistleblowers and Other Messengers
There are dozens of examples, one of whom is the author of a post this week at which accuses me and Laura Poitras of having "promptly sold [the Snowden] secrets to a billionaire"

Lies and Dirty Politics: Canadian MP Smears Greenwald/CBC

French Intelligence Involved in NSA Spying in France, Monde Says
French intelligence services worked "very closely" with the U.S. National Security Agency in spying on the country's citizens, Le Monde reported, citing documents it said it obtained from Edward Snowden.

The NSA's Porn-Surveillance Program: Not Safe for Democracy
Its targets extend beyond suspected terrorists—and some rhetoric that the First Amendment would protect is singled out.

North Yemen fighting kills more than 120
Latest fighting between the Sunni Salafis and Shia Houthi fighters in northern Yemen brings death toll to 120.

UN in Iraq worried about uptick in bodies found
The number of Iraqis slain "execution-style" surged last month, the U.N. said Sunday, raising fears of a return of the death squads that killed thousands during the darkest days of sectarian violence that followed the U.S.-led invasion.

How the New York Times silences Palestinians
It will not be news to regular readers of The Electronic Intifada that The New York Times systematically excludes all except token Palestinian voices from its coverage.

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