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More French troops deploy in CAR
Posted: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More French troops deploy in Central African Republic
The move came amid efforts to improve security in the Central African Republic with a United Nations Security Council vote this week on a French-drafted resolution aimed at strengthening a flagging African stabilisation force on the ground.

A narcissistic US, an anxious Saudi Arabia and a hysterical Israel
The Iran nuclear deal has brought out the 'borderline' personality disorder of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Nearly a century after the Armenian genocide, these people are still being slaughtered in Syria
And now, almost unmentioned in the media, their holy places are also being desecrated

Assad: Our Battle With Saudi Is Open-Ended
Ten days ago, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met with a delegation of party leaders and politicians from Arab countries. He said unequivocally: The battle will continue as long as Saudi Arabia continues to "back terrorism," and the flow of extremist fighters, money, and arms into Syria continues.

Zionismís Last Card and Hope For Palestine
Following the interim agreement with Iran the next six months will tell us whether or not the American-led Zionist lobby and Zionism itself has played its last card and lost. If it does lose President Obama will be free to use the leverage he has to try to cause Israel to be serious about peace on terms almost all Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept (and which would not pose any threat to the wellbeing and security of those Jews now living in Palestine that became Israel and who wanted to stay). The stakes could not be higher.

5 Ways Our Lives Are Being Violated by Corporate Greed
We already pay dearly for energy, medicine, banking, and telecommunications services. But a little research reveals that we're paying moreómuch moreóin a variety of ways that our business-friendly mainstream media won't talk about.

24 Insurgents Killed in Nigeria Attacks
At least 24 insurgents have been killed during an exchange of fire between Nigerian security forces and suspected terrorists in the pre-dawn attack on Maiduguri, a military statement said Monday.

British news staff may face terrorism charges over Snowden leaks

Guardian Newspaper Staff May Face Charges For Assisting Terrorists

Fresh spy leak shows Australia offered to share data on its citizens

Thousands protest election result in Honduras
Honduras' defeated leftist presidential candidate, the wife of ousted former leader Manuel Zelaya, has led thousands of supporters onto the streets of Tegucigalpa to protest an election result she has called fraudulent.

Hamid Karzai says US cutting supplies to put pressure on security pact
Nato-led force responds to Afghanistan president: 'There has been no stoppage in the delivery of requested fuel'

NATO says Karzai failure to sign pact would end Afghan mission

Why Karzai Is Stonewalling A Security Agreement With US

It's outrageous to accuse the Guardian of aiding terrorism by publishing Snowden's revelations
Alan Rusbridger is being grilled by MPs Ė but he has published nothing that could be a threat to national security

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