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Obama Failed To Deliver Long-Overdue Apology To Mandela
Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obama Failed To Deliver Long-Overdue Apology To Mandela
George W. Bush and Bill Clinton also were on hand for the Mandela memorial service. Neither of them had extended an apology to Mandela for the CIA's role in his arrest.

What are the excuses for the many foreign leaders who were faking it too?
'Fake' sign language interpreter said he had schizophrenic fit during Mandela ceremony

Leonard Peltier on Passing of Nelson Mandela: Apartheid Still Exists in America

U.S. Air strike kills 15 civilians in Yemen by mistake: officials
Human Rights Watch said in a detailed report in August that U.S. missile strikes, including armed drone attacks, have killed dozens of civilians in Yemen.

The NSA's Reach Might Be Even Bigger Than We Thought

How Americans Were Deceived About Cell-Phone Location Data
Remember when multiple Obama Administration figures said the NSA doesn't collect it? That wasn't true.

Snowden document shows Canada set up spy posts for NSA
CSEC conducted espionage activities for U.S. in 20 countries, according to top-secret briefing note

Obama's Afghanistan experts stumped on U.S. death toll, war costs during hearing
President Obama's brain trust on Afghanistan does not know [how] much the U.S. spends on the war each year or the American cost in lost lives on the battlefield.

Steny Hoyer withdraws support from Iran resolution
House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer withdrew his support at the last minute for a resolution calling for additional sanctions on Iran, according to a source familiar with the discussions.

US voices 'concern' at India gay sex ban

Australia high court overturns ACT gay marriage law

Top U.S.-backed Commander in Syria Run Out, U.S. Officials Say
Islamist fighters ran the top Western-backed rebel commander in Syria out of his headquarters and forced him to flee the country, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

NATO's War on Syria Just Got Dirtier
West scrambles to cover up Syria false flag revelations as Pulitzer Prize-winner & Syria's Electronic Army expose all.

To Syria's Revolutionaries, Assad Isn't Looking So Bad After All

Obama Advisor: 'Extremism' Could Be Key to Ending Syrian Civil War

Bishop: Christians should take up arms in Syria
A senior Orthodox Church official has urged Christians to take up arms in Syria and defend themselves against extremists, condemning the international community for not stopping flow of arms to Syria militants.

Deadline for US-Afghan security pact could slip into Jan: White House
The White House would like Afghan President Hamid Karzai to sign a bilateral security agreement by the end of the year, but the deadline could slip into early January, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

India, Pak Nuclear War Could Put 2 billion People at Risk: Study

CIA Document Suggests U.S. Lied About Biological, Chemical Weapon Use in the Korean War
According to a CIA document declassified in March 2006, the U.S. government lied publicly about pushing for a United Nations "on-the-spot" investigation into Soviet, Chinese and North Korean charges of U.S. use of biological weapons (BW) during the Korean War.

Hollande arrives in Central African Republic after two French troops killed
French president flies directly from Nelson Mandela's funeral as operation with African Union to disarm militia continues

U.S. to airlift African troops to Central African Republic

Will Uruguay Trigger a Global Marijuana Revolution?

The Peaceful Protest US Govt Doesn't Want World to Know About
Media blackout hides Gitmo hunger strikes in military bid to erode public support

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