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Venezuela's Struggle Widely Misrepresented
Posted: Thursday, March 6, 2014

Venezuela's Struggle, Widely Misrepresented, Remains a Classic Conflict Between Right and Left
The current protests in Venezuela are reminiscent of another historical moment when street protests were used by right-wing politicians as a tactic to overthrow the elected government.

Venezuela Breaks Ties With Panama
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has stated he will sever all diplomatic and economic ties with Panama.

Propaganda Rules The News
Has Russia Invaded Ukraine?

Ukraine Nationalist Leader Faces Terrorism Charges
Russia's Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on terrorism-related charges against the leader of a Ukrainian nationalist group widely seen as the driving force behind former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's ouster.

Crimea to vote to split from Ukraine, join Russia
Ukraine lurched toward breakup Thursday as lawmakers in Crimea unanimously declared they wanted to join Russia and would put the decision to voters in 10 days. President Barack Obama condemned the move and the West answered with the first real sanctions against Russia.

Ukraine crisis: Crimea now part of Russia, local parliament declares
Referendum on union with Russia on 16 March will 'only ratify decision', as Duma works on bill to make it easier for territories to join Russia

Ukraine: Little support for US involvement
Less than a fifth of Americans think that the US has any responsibility to protect Ukraine from a Russian invasion

US Policy of Isolating Russia and Expanding NATO Is a Dismal Failure

US and EU impose sanctions and warn Russia to relent in Ukraine standoff
- Pair issue grave warning to Moscow to pull back from Crimea
- Crimean parliament votes to secede from Ukraine
- Obama tells Putin: sanctions for ‘violation of sovereignty’

Ukraine crisis: What can US sanctions against Russian elites achieve?
Under the right conditions, sanctions against individual Russians can be effective over time, experts say. The question, as the US moved Thursday to impose such sanctions amid Russia's Ukraine gambit, is whether such conditions exist.

Russia, NATO Nations Begin Talks on Ukraine
Though no real agreements appear to have been reached, French officials dubbed today’s Paris talks, the first between NATO members and Russia on the Ukraine crisis a significant step “in the right direction.”

American Hawks Risk Escalating the Ukrainian Crisis

Russia says cannot order Crimean 'self-defense' units back to base

How strong is Ukraine's army?
Ukraine's army is in a parlous state. What was briefly the world's third-strongest nuclear country is now a Soviet relic. Kyiv's hopes, if there are any, rest with reservists who last fought three decades ago.

Ukraine and the Presstitute Media
Fig leave for an Emperor without cloths

US to bolster military support to Poland, Baltic

U.S. Murders Another 4 People In Yemen
A US drone strike in northern Yemen on Wednesday killed four alledged Al Qaeda members, including an Iraq veteran, a military official said.

Federal Judge Removes U.S. Muslims from Constitution
As reported by the Associated Press’ Tom Hays on Feb 21, a federal judge in Newark, N.J., decided that the New York Police Department has been within its constitutional bounds spying on Muslims at mosques, restaurants, colleges and grade schools in New Jersey since 2002.

Iraq: 935 lies, A Tyrant and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Netanyahu Demands Palestinians Recognize Israel as 'Jewish State'
Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday directly urged Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to recognize Israel as a "Jewish state" and to "abandon the fantasy" of "flooding" Israel with refugees.

'End to negotiations?' Netanyahu's speech sparks furious reaction from Palestinians

Nigeria: Another 40 killed in Flesh Boko Haram Attack
In the fourth attack in the last three days in troubled Borno State, no less than 40 persons have been killed in Jakana, 35 kilometres away from Maiduguri.

India's tea firms urged to act on slave trafficking after girls freed
Plantations pay below minimum wage, which campaigners say strengthens hand of slavers who take girls as young as 11

Saudi women demand end to ‘absolute male control’
Saudi women activists have presented a memorandum to the Shoura Council seeking its support to curb the “absolute authority” of male guardians over women in the Kingdom, a signatory said.

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