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Crimea declares independence, seeks UN recognition
Posted: Monday, March 17, 2014

Crimea declares independence, seeks UN recognition
The Republic of Crimea has addressed the UN seeking recognition as a sovereign state and called on Russia to integrate it into the Russian Federation. 96.77 percent of the Crimean population voted 'for' the integration in a referendum.

Russia's Vladimir Putin recognises Crimea as nation
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree recognising Crimea as a sovereign state, paving the way for it to be absorbed into Russia.

Russian MPs recall urgent bill to accept new Russian Federation subjects

Unique unanimity: Vast majority of Russians welcome Crimea in Russia

Crimea Give The Finger To White House Tyrant

U.S. rejects Crimea vote as invalid

Crimean parliament formally applies to join Russia

Putin to Address Russian Parliament on Crimea Accession

Obama imposes sanctions on 7 Russians after Crimea vote
President Obama announced Monday that he is leveling new sanctions against seven Russian officials the White House says have contributed to the crisis in Ukraine.

Russia Will Sanction U.S. Senators
Putin is set to respond to Obama's sanctions of Russian officials with his own list. Several U.S. Senators and officials will be banned from visiting Russia, including Sen. Dick Durbin.

Mainstream US Media Is Lost in Ukraine
The U.S. mainstream news media is reaching a new professional low point as it covers the Ukraine crisis by brazenly touting Official Washington's propaganda themes, blatantly ignoring contrary facts and leading the American public into another geopolitical blind alley

Crimea's parliament declares independence, moves to make it real
The Crimean parliament on Monday declared the region independent of Ukraine, a first step toward the goal backed by 96% of voters during a weekend referendum: becoming part of Russia.

'Anyone with sense of fairness should accept the choice of the Crimeans'
The referendum in Crimea was well-organized, there is nothing to be said against the vote as everything was up to international standards, Aymeric Chauprade, senior foreign affairs adviser for Marine Le Pen and observer at the Crimea referendum, told RT.

Crimea referendum professional, up to international standards head of intl observers

Ukraine, Russia agree Crimea truce until March 21-Ukraine minister

This Week in 'Nation' History: The Horrific Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq

British army 'blocked investigation into treatment of Iraqi prisoners'
Military police officer says she was stopped from examining claims UK troops killed unarmed fighters and mistreated others

US Delivers Hellfire Missiles, Ammunition to Iraq

If Spying on Senate is So Bad, Why is it OK For Them To Spy On Us?
The reaction of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to last week's revelations that the CIA secretly searched Senate Intelligence Committee computers reveals much about what the elites in government think about the rest of us. "Spy on thee, but not on me!"

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Did jetliner fly into area controlled by Taliban? Net widens after claims final satellite signal could have been sent from the ground

US Media Ignores 7 US Drone Strikes On Yemen In First 12 Days Of March

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