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Putin signs treaty making Crimea part of Russia again
Posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Putin signs treaty making Crimea part of Russia again

Putin says U.S. guided by 'the rule of the gun' in foreign policy

Putin Slams West, Calls For End to 'Cold War Rhetoric'

Two killed in Crimea as crisis hits 'military stage'

Fears of war grow after killing of Ukrainian officer at military base in Simferopol
In an extraordinary day which redrew the map of Europe, fears were growing that widespread violence would erupt in the aftermath of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Russian lawmakers ask President Obama to impose sanctions on them all
The State Duma has passed a motion suggesting that the US and EU extend the freshly introduced sanctions to all Russian MPs rather than a limited group of officials, defying western pressure just hours before Russia and Crimea signed a federation treaty.

Obama Backs Down on Crimea
The Obama administration suffered its worst foreign policy defeat in 5 years on Sunday when the people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to reject Washington's Nazi-backed junta government in Kiev and join the Russian Federation.

Ron Paul: Crimea secedes. So what?

Mistake Rectified: Gorbachev
The world should welcome the prospect of Crimea becoming part of Russia as it rectifies a historic mistake from the Soviet era, the Soviet Union's last leader Mikhail Gorbachev said Monday.

Europe Fears Backlash as Sanctions Start 'Economic War' With Russia
Dependent on Russian Energy, Nations Struggle for Alternative Sources

The U.S. has treated Russia like a loser since the end of the Cold War

Simple Stuff About Ukraine
Who's Got the Pierogies?

NSA recording '100 percent' of another country's phone calls

The US media and the CIA's spying on Congress

State Department shuts down Syrian embassy in DC

Saudi Arabia gives Pakistan $1.5bn 'gift' for Syria support

Syria conflict: UN reports mass executions by ISIS

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