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NSA Spied on Chinese Government
Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2014

NSA Spied on Chinese Government and Networking Firm

N.S.A. Breached Chinese Servers Seen as Security Threat
But even as the United States made a public case about the dangers of buying from Huawei, classified documents show that the National Security Agency was creating its own back doors — directly into Huawei's networks.

Defiant Ukrainian soldiers sing national anthem as Russian troops storm their base in Crimea
Ukrainian military base that was scene of opening stand-off in Crimea two weeks ago is attacked again by Russian forces, shots fired.

Britons rate Russia more positively than EU, poll shows

Venezuela moves swiftly against opposition

Venezuela's Wild West Reinforces Protest Barricades

Mass celebrations in Crimea refute Western charges of annexation Lavrov
Those who call Crimea's treaty with Russia "illegal" are insulting Crimean citizens and their right to decide their own fate, the Russian Foreign Minister said in a speech to the Upper House of parliament.

Sanctions destroy anti-trafficking cooperation with US Russian drug agency

Russia: Crimea Annexation to Be Completed This Week
Military Plans Infrastructure Improvements in Peninsula

Russia promises not to attack east Ukraine: US
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu promised his US counterpart Chuck Hagel in a telephone call Thursday that Moscow would not assault eastern Ukraine.

US, Russia Trade Sanctions Over Crimea
US Targets 'Wealthy Russians' in Latest Round

Putin: no need for further retaliation against US

Putin looks to Asia as West threatens to isolate Russia

Putin's quiet Latin America play
Away from the conflict in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is quietly seeking a foothold in Latin America, military officials warn.

Gates Foundation Lobbies for Feds to Collect Data on College Graduates' Lives
A study released by the Gates Foundation is promoting a system that would track the careers of college graduates long after they receive their degrees, attacking the National Association for Independent Colleges and Universities for promoting laws that prevent up-close surveillance of students by the government.

Microsoft caught up in fresh privacy storm
Microsoft on Thursday scrambled to head off a privacy storm after it was revealed that the software company had searched through the private email of a blogger it suspected of having received stolen software code.

4 Indians get life in prison for gang rape
An Indian court sentenced four men to life in prison on Friday for raping a call-center operator last year inside an abandoned textile mill in the financial hub of Mumbai.

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