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Obama gives Iraq war a more generous spin
Posted: Saturday, March 29, 2014

El Libertario: beware Venezuela's false 'anarchists'
Not everyone who calls themselves anarchists are worthy of the name. Before expressing our solidarity, we should be clear who it is we are supporting.

Tour of Ukraine-Russia Border Finds No Signs of Military Buildup

Russia sees no need for Ukraine incursion, Lavrov to meet Kerry

Anger, Disbelief as Obama Defends US Invasion of Iraq
'In order to not appear hypocritical, Obama rewrites history around Iraq War while denouncing Russia'

Obama gives Iraq war a more generous spin
President Obama, whose presidential campaign in 2008 took off in large part because of his criticism of the Iraq war, on Wednesday used that war as a contrast to what Russia is doing in Ukraine.

Obama Suddenly Defends US Invasion of Iraq—Mainstream Media Shrug

Obama Defends Iraq Invasion: At Least America 'Sought' To Get UN Backing
Obama struggled, however, in his attempt to defend the legality of the invasion. The war was unsanctioned by the United Nations, and many experts assert it violated any standard reading of international law.

How Vladimir Putin became evil
The US and UK condemn him for Crimea but supported him over the war in Chechnya. Why? Because now he refuses to play ball

Masked 'Right Sector' nationalists besiege Ukrainian Parliament

The Infantile Diplomacy Behind Demonising Russia

German execs criticize West for allowing tension with Russia to rise

No sanctions will hurt Russia more than people imposing them - financial analyst

MH370: search effort swings towards finding black boxes
US navy equipment arrives to scan for flight recorders on ocean floor after satellite photos reveal 122 pieces of possible debris

Pet cats infect humans with TB for first time
In the first ever recorded cat-to-human transmission, two people in England have contracted tuberculosis from pet cats thought to have ventured into badger setts

The Face of Poverty: Homeless Jobless Single Mom With Lousy Options Arrested For Being Homeless Jobless Single Mom Who Chose One of Them

SA joins other African countries in boycotting EU-Africa Summit
South Africa has come out in support of the African Union call to shun the European Union-Africa Summit in Brussels this week.

U.N. rights forum calls for use of armed drones to comply with law

The 30-Year US/Iran Nuke Standoff: We Started It In The Reagan Days

Saudi Arabia And Pakistan Are Paying A Political Price For Leading The Talibanization of Syria

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