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Venezuela shows protest can be a defence of privilege
Posted: Saturday, April 12, 2014

Venezuela shows that protest can be a defence of privilege
Street action is now regularly used with western backing to target elected governments in the interests of elites

Protesters in East Ukraine Rise Up Against Kiev and the West
Ahead of talks, protesters overtake police stations in demand for referendum vote

Civil war looms as pro-US regime threatens massacre of east Ukraine protesters
Ukraine stands on the brink of civil war, as the unelected pro-Western regime that seized power this February in Kiev threatens a bloody crackdown on protesters occupying local government offices in cities across traditionally pro-Russian sections of eastern Ukraine.

Kiev backpedals on referendums after deadline to stop protest expires

In pictures: Russian military build-up near Ukraine

Russia Claims NATO Satellite Photos Were Taken Last August

Russia's Lavrov says NATO forces in Eastern Europe would violate agreements

Message from the President of Russia to the leaders of several European countries
Vladimir Putin addressed a letter to the leaders of several European countries, to which Russian natural gas is supplied via Ukraine's territory.

Former Australian FM Denounces Jewish Lobby's 'Extraordinary Influence'
In new book, Bob Carr claims office of former Australian PM Julia Gillard was effectively held hostage by Jewish lobby.

Criminal Court a U.S.-Israeli "Red Line" for Palestinians
When Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas decided to defy the United States and Israel over stalled peace negotiations, he formally indicated to the United Nations last week that Palestine will join 15 international conventions relating mostly to the protection of human rights and treaties governing conflicts and prisoners of war. But he held back one of his key bargaining chips that Israel and the United States fear most: becoming a party to the Rome Statute that created the International Criminal Court (ICC) to punish war crimes and genocide – and where Israelis could be docked.

The Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program That Wasn’t
When U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Carmen M. Ortiz unsealed the indictment of a Chinese citizen in the UK for violating the embargo against Iran, she made what appeared to be a new U.S. accusation of an Iran nuclear weapons programme.

CIA and White House under pressure after Senate torture report leaks
Senate committee found CIA interrogations and detentions to be 'brutal' and urges administration to release report as quickly as possible

CIA’s Use of Torture Went Beyond Legal Authority, Senate Report Rays

Vladimir Putin professes high hopes for Ukraine summit
But diplomats predict little chance of breakthrough as four powers meet for first time since President Yanukovych fled

Angela Merkel denied access to her NSA file
Frustration with US government rises over failure to clear up questions about surveillance of German chancellor's phone

Edward Snowden: US government spied on human rights workers
Whistleblower tells Council of Europe NSA deliberately snooped on groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International

Nevada Cattle Rancher Wins 'Range War' With Feds

Clark Co. Sheriff Announces BLM ‘Will Cease Operation,’ Will Release Cattle Shortly

Armed Right-Wing Militia Members Descend On Nevada To Help Rancher Defy Court Order
"We provide armed response," according to a Montana militia member named Jim Lordy. Lordy traveled to Nevada in order to support a local rancher for believes that he should not have to follow federal court orders. When he arrived there, he told a local reporter that "[w]e need guns to protect ourselves from the tyrannical government."

South Africa: Twenty Years of Apartheid by Another Name

The McCutcheon Ruling and Zombie Democracy in the U.S.

Assad's staying power on show

Kuwait orders media blackout on 'coup' video
Media ban enforced on videotape allegedly showing former senior officials scheming to topple government of Gulf nation.

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