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Nigeria: Location of stolen girls still not known
Posted: Monday, May 5, 2014

Nigeria's President on kidnapped girls: 'We'll get them out'

Location of stolen girls still not known
Nigerian security forces still do not know where more than 200 girls were abducted from their school three weeks ago, are being held.

Boko Haram: See List Of 165 Chibok Christian Girls In Boko Haram's Den-CAN Reveals

Western Powers Fomenting Ukrainian Conflict, US Should 'Stay Out'

Canada sending soldiers to Poland amid Ukraine crisis
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canadian soldiers will take part in military exercises in Poland, as Russia's "illegal occupation" of Ukraine threatens the stability of the region.

US Media Covers Up Mass Murder in Odessa
Yesterday in Odessa, Ukraine, more than 30 anti-Kiev protesters were burned alive, as a US-backed pro-Kiev mob set fire to the trade union building into which they ran to escape the pro-Kiev crowd.

Protests Grow After Deadly Fire, PM Heads to Odessa
Police Arrested Pro-Russia Protesters After Friday Massacre

Radicals shooting at people in Odessa's burning building caught on tape

38 People Killed As Radicals Set Office On Fire In Ukraine's Odessa

Report: CIA, FBI 'Advising' Ukraine Interim Govt
Agents 'Not Directly Involved' in Eastern Fighting

Grand Puppetmaster Brzezinski Directing War Strategies from the Shadows

39 people die after radicals set Trade Unions House on fire in Ukraine's Odessa

Lockheed sees Ukraine crisis boosting missile system sales: paper

The Homs Ceasefire Is a Symbolic Blow to Syria's Rebels
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will retake Homs, known as "the capital of the revolution," under terms of a ceasefire agreement reached by the country's government and rebel groups today, according to local activists.

Foreign jihadis in Syria pledge their own 9/11
World View: Ambitious al-Qa'ida-type groups now control - or are free to operate in - an enormous area

Activists: Rebel infighting in east Syria kills 62

Exclusive: CIA Falls Back in Afghanistan
The intelligence agency's irregular forces have been key to the fight against the Taliban since 2001. Now they're being withdrawn—just as a bloody fighting season heats up.

The Shaky Legal Foundation of NSA Surveillance on Americans
What the final clause of the Fourth Amendment means in interpreting the government's rights

Why Deal When Israel Holds All The Cards
Did anyone really think that John Kerry's nine-month effort to produce a Palestinian mini-state would ever work? If so, they were either ignorant of the Mideast, naïve, or deeply cynical.

Behind Kerry's apartheid faux pas
The analogy has been used dozens of times by Israeli statesmen. Why can't John Kerry get away with it?

Netanyahu: You can't have Palestinian state alongside bi-national state
After scorching criticism, prime minister defends his 'Jewish state' basic law proposal, saying existing legislation gives full expression to Israel's democratic nature, but not its Jewish nature.

"You Might Get Hit by a Car"
On Secret Tape, FBI Threatens American Muslim Refusing to be Informant

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