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U.S. Supreme Court bans warrantless cell phone searches
Posted: Thursday, June 26, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court bans warrantless cell phone searches
Major ruling updates privacy laws for 21st century

At least 21 killed in rush-hour blast in Nigerian capital

John Kerry on Iraq: No decision on "American force in a vacuum"

Maliki rejects Iraqi rivals' demands as battle rages at former U.S. air base
Embattled Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Wednesday rejected demands from rival politicians for an emergency national unity government, as al-Qaeda-inspired insurgents gained more ground, assaulting a former U.S. air base and pushing toward one of the country's largest dams.

Syrian warplanes reportedly strike in Iraq, killing 57 civilians

ISIS: Iraq today and possibly Jordan tomorrow
Don't be fooled by its name: The terror group "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" plans to attack well beyond the borders of those two countries. After snatching an Iraq-Jordan checkpoint, Amman is on high alert.

Islamist fighters reportedly attempting to encircle Baghdad

Over 4,000 Killed Across Iraq So Far in June

Iraqi Insurgents Secure Control of Border Posts

Not Worth It: Huge Majority Regret Iraq War, Exclusive Poll Shows

Kurds Winning the Battle for Self-rule as Country Disintegrates
In Baghdad, John Kerry's calls for unity are falling on deaf ears

Finally: Iraq Crisis Brings Swift Rebuke of Iraq Architects

William R. Polk on American Grand Strategy for Iraq, Syria, and the Region
"We win each battle, but the battles keep happening. And to our chagrin, we don't seem to be winning the wars. By almost any criterion, we are less 'victorious' today than half a century ago."

'Thank God for the Saudis': ISIS, Iraq, and the Lessons of Blowback
U.S lawmakers encouraged officials in Riyadh to arm Syrian rebels. Now that strategy may have created a monster in the Middle East.

Baghdad surrounded: ‘Nightmare scenario' unfolds as ISIL takes supply routes

Russell Brand: Fox News Is ‘More Dangerous Than ISIS'

Federal Judge: Unchallengeable No-Fly List Unconstitutional
Orders Govt to Allow People to Submit Evidence of Their Innocence
In a 65-page ruling issued today US District Judge Anna Brown declare the current US “no-fly list” unconstitutional because it does not allow people on the list to challenge that status.

U.S. Lawmakers unveil major changes to FOIA
Reform legislation emerges from Senate committee that would overhaul Freedom of Information Act, increase transparency

Syrian minister warns of retaliation for Israeli strikes
‘We can now consider ourselves in an open state of confrontation with the Israeli enemy,' Ali Haidar tells Israeli Arab daily

Egypt trial: Journalists protest over al-Jazeera trio
BBC journalists held a silent protest in London and around the world

Egypt's president says will not interfere in judicial rulings

Russian Lawmakers Cancel OK for Ukraine Force

Assange Lawyers File Swedish Court Appeal to End Arrest Warrant

China shows graphic footage of Xinjiang militant attacks

For a Global Brotherhood Among the Peoples
Fifty years ago, great leaders raised the flags of the anticolonial struggle and decided to join their peoples in a march along the path of sovereignty and independence.

23 Palestinian members of parliament in Israeli jails

Obama to Peres: 'Our hearts are with kidnapped boys'
On his final foreign trip, Israeli president discusses abducted teens, Iraq, Iran, and prospects for peace in the Middle East with American counterpart.

Further blasts hit Cairo as stock market falls
Six explosions hit Cairo on Wednesday as markets tumble amid uncertainty

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