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US has nearly 1,000 troops in Iraq
Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2014

US has nearly 1,000 troops in Iraq

Another war in Iraq won't fix the disaster of the last
The Yazidis need aid, but military intervention by states that destroyed Iraq will deepen the crisis now tearing it apart

Islamic State militants mass near another town north of Baghdad

Despite U.S. Claims, Yazidis Say Crisis Is Not Over

Iraq crisis: US weighs risky mission to rescue Yazidis
Obama welcomes appointment of new PM; Weapons shipped to Kurds fighting Islamic State

Iraq militants changing tactics, complicating US airstrike mission
Islamic militant forces in northern Iraq appear to be shifting tactics in the face of the newly launched U.S. airstrike campaign, Defense officials say, posing a new challenge to the Obama administration as it seeks to at least slow the terrorists' advances.

US likely to arm Iraq's new government with weapons to fight Isis
Obama administration is 'looking to accelerate' shipments in the post-Maliki government as Iraqi ambassador seeks 'drastic actions'

France to send arms to besieged Yazidi community in Iraq
Move follows similar commitment from US as many stranded in heat without food or water try to escape Isis militants

Britain likely to send troops to Iraq; US drones strike ISIS mortar team

Germany open to sending military aid to Iraq government

The curly-haired, bearded hipster from a wealthy family who has become a sword-wielding ISIS poster boy

U.S. airstrikes helped, but Kurds from Syria turned tide against Islamic State

Israel furious as UN unveils Gaza probe team
Israel lashed out on Tuesday after the UN Human Rights Council named the man who will be running an inquiry into its Gaza offensive.

UK says to suspend some Israel arms exports if Gaza truce fails

Israel apologizes for calling Brazil 'diplomatic dwarf'

Gaza conflict: South Africa's Mbeki calls for Israeli goods boycott

"Sadistic & Grotesque": Noam Chomsky on How Israel Limits Food & Medicine in Occupied Gaza

Demonstrators March To Times Square To Protest Michael Brown's Death In Missouri
NYC 1 Of 90 Cities Involved In National Moment Of Silence For Victims Of Police Brutality

NYPD threatens mass arrests at Ferguson solidarity rally
Thousands of people are rallying in New York in solidarity with residents of Ferguson, showing support to people across the US who have been victims of police brutality. The NYPD has threatened mass arrests if people do not stop blocking traffic.

'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Rally In Denver Supports Ferguson, Mo., Protesters

Reporters arrested in Ferguson

St. Louis County police will no longer be involved in policing Ferguson
The governor of Missouri will reportedly relieve St. Louis County law enforcement from policing the ongoing demonstrations in the town of Ferguson, paving the way for possible state or federal intervention.

Pentagon supplied St. Louis County police with military-grade weapons
Images coming from a tense Ferguson, Missouri this week show local police armed to the teeth and appearing as an occupying force in attempts to suppress citizen outrage over the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager by a police officer.

Not Just Ferguson: 11 Eye-Opening Facts About America's Militarized Police Forces

FAA sets no-fly zone over Ferguson
The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday issued a no-fly zone over Ferguson, Missouri, to last until Monday, after tensions escalated in the town following the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen over the weekend.

#IfTheyGunnedMeDown: Social media calls out MSM for portrayal of Mike Brown
If you were killed, what photo would the media use in their stories? That's the question that the #iftheygunnedmedown hashtag asks on social media as minorities point out media bias in the deaths of African-Americans.

When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims

94 killed in 3 days of Ukraine fighting
Shelling hits rebel stronghold of Donetsk for first time in days

Western media inspect Russia's Ukraine aid trucks and find... aid

Washington Chokes Truth With Lies
The latest absurdity coming out of Ukraine, the EU and Washington is that the humanitarian aid that Russia and the Red Cross are trucking into the former Russian territories that comprise eastern Ukraine is a trick, a deception, a pretext for Russia's invasion forces. Such a preposterous lie tells us that Western propagandists have no respect whatsoever for the intelligence of Western peoples.

Putin: Russians need to engage, but have no confrontation with wider world
Russians must consolidate and develop their country, neither sliding into isolationism nor sacrificing their dignity for the sake of pleasing anyone, President Vladimir Putin declared.

Death toll in Ukraine conflict doubles in 2 weeks, reaches 2,086 - UN

Ukrainian army will block 'unauthorised' huge Russian aid convoy at border amid fears it could become pretext for invasion
Kiev and the West already accuse Russia which reportedly now has a huge army amassed on the border of supplying rebel fighters

Ecuador: We don't need permission to trade with Russia
Ecuador doesn't need anybody's permission to export agricultural products to Russia, which now has a big gap that needs to be filled after it banned supplies from a number of western countries, said President Rafael Correa.

Putin says Russia should aim to sell energy in roubles

The Pentagon is adding to its arsenal of weapons in Norway's caves
In the heart of Norway's countryside, the U.S. military is bolstering its arsenal of weapons with tanks, gun trucks and other armored vehicles along with hundreds of containers of equipment.

Russia says begins military exercises in Pacific islands also claimed by Japan

Russian NGOs object to 'foreign agents' label
The Russian government has forcibly registered five high-profile activist groups as 'foreign agents,' a term that the groups say carries connotations of espionage and unfairly discredits them in the public domain.

The U.S. Government Still Tries to Subvert Cuba
When I saw the headline about the U.S. government and Cuba in my newspaper the other day, I thought I'd awoken in 1961. It was a Twilight Zone moment for sure: "U.S. program aimed to stir dissent in Cuba." I expected Rod Serling to welcome me to "another dimension."

BRICS are drifting away from US and European monetary structures
The BRICS countries (Brazil (EWZ), Russia, India (EPI), China (FXI), and South Africa) are slowly but surely drifting away from the 20th Century monetary and political structures setup by the U.S. (SPY) and Europe (EZU), as characterized by Russia's G8 membership being revoked in the wake of the events in Crimea. The G7, as it is now known, is at odds with Russia's Vladimir Putin, but that rift applies to the entire BRICS coalition a group that seems to be growing stronger and more focused as leader of the Emerging Markets.

ISIS makes gains in Syria's north, at least 52 dead

President Obama on Syria critique: 'Horseshit'

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Compared Arming Syrian Rebels To Supporting Al-Qaida in 2012

Syrian rebel commander says he collaborated with Israel
Sharif as-Safouri, abducted by Al-Nusra Front in July, confesses to receiving antitank weapons in return for protecting the border

How the West Green-lighted Sisi's Massacres
The assault on Morsi supporters marked the end of the Arab Spring.

Edward Snowden: The Untold Story
The Most Wanted Man In The World

Snowden: The NSA, not Assad, took Syria off the Internet in 2012
Snowden says TAO tried to install exploit on routers and crashed them.

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