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Obama threatens Russia with new sanctions
Posted: Friday, August 29, 2014

Britain Raises Terror Threat To Severe, Attack 'Highly Likely'

Obama threatens Russia with new sanctions over Ukraine

Don't mess with nuclear Russia, Putin says
President Vladimir Putin said on Friday Russia's armed forces, backed by its nuclear arsenal, were ready to meet any aggression, declaring at a pro-Kremlin youth camp that foreign states should understand: "It's best not to mess with us."

Putin calls on pro-Russian rebels to let Ukraine troops leave encirclement

The Nail In The Petrodollar Coffin: Gazprom Begins Accepting Payment For Oil In Ruble, Yuan
According to Russia's RIA Novosti, citing business daily Kommersant, Gazprom Neft has agreed to export 80,000 tons of oil from Novoportovskoye field in the Arctic; it will accept payment in rubles, and will also deliver oil via the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline (ESPO), accepting payment in Chinese yuan for the transfers. Meaning Russia will export energy to either Europe or China, and receive payment in either Rubles or Yuan, in effect making the two currencies equivalent as far as the Eurasian axis is conerned, but most importantly, transact completely away from the US dollar thus, finally putin'(sic) in action the move for a Petrodollar-free world.

Putin likens Ukraine's forces to Nazis and threatens standoff in the Arctic
Hours after Barack Obama accused Russia of sending troops into Ukraine and fuelling an upsurge in the separatist war, Putin retorted that the Ukrainian army was the villain of the piece, targeting residential areas of towns and cities like German troops did in the former Soviet Union.

Reports of Russian Troops in Ukraine, But Little Evidence

"Russian Invasion" Of Ukraine, Turns Out to Have Been a Translation Error
After all major news-entities repeated the "invasion" claim and the public damage is done they simply take it back.

Ukraine Lost A Battle - West Escalates With More Russia Sanctions

The Iraq War Was a Smashing Success
Make no mistake about it: by any vaguely human measure, the situation in Iraq is a US-made disaster of historic proportions. Millions dead or wounded, millions more displaced, and all overseen by a kleptocratic government more interested in grinding old enemies into the dust than governing...and of course, yes, a seemingly endless cycle of violence that claims new victims every day.

President Obama on ISIS: 'We Don't Have a Strategy Yet'

Modeling CIA Torture, ISIS Waterboarded Those It Captured: Report
Sources quoted by the Washinton Post say ISIS "knew exactly how it was done" as it employed brutal techniques also approved by Bush administration

Captives held by Islamic State were waterboarded
James Foley was among the four who were waterboarded several times by Islamic State militants who appeared to model the technique on the CIA's use of waterboarding to interrogate suspected terrorists after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Christian leaders call for end to US strikes in Iraq, focus on peaceful resolution

In Aleppo, rebels back U.S. strikes against jihadists

French leader calls Assad a 'jihadist ally'
Hollande rules out working with Syria president against Islamic State, as group is accused of executing Syrian soldiers.

Islamic State group executes Syrian soldiers
Victims shot and stabbed in the latest brutal mass killing by armed group already accused by UN of war crimes.

UAE strikes on Libya stir US fears of a free-for-all in the Middle East
The U.S. was reportedly caught off guard last week by a mysterious set of airstrikes in Libya, which senior White House officials told The New York Times were carried out by the United Arab Emirates with support from Egypt. The report, denied by both countries, has sparked concerns that transnational military action without Washington's endorsement by two of the region's U.S.-armed powers portends a new era of free-for-all military intervention in the Middle East amid waning U.S. influence.

50 days of war in Gaza likely to cost Israel dearly

Netanyahu faces revolt over truce with Hamas
Benjamin Netanyahu faces strong criticism in Israel over costly conflict with Palestinian militants in which no clear victor has emerged

43 UN peacekeepers in Golan Heights seized by militants

Exclusive: U.S. may use secrets act to stop suit against Iran sanctions group

Did Certain Foreign Governments Facilitate the 9/11 Attacks?

Somalia Asks UN Court to Set Maritime Boundary

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