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Ebola Spreading 'Exponentially'
Posted: Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ebola Spreading 'Exponentially' as Patients Seek Beds in Liberia
The Ebola virus is spreading exponentially across Liberia as patients fill taxis in a fruitless search for medical care, the World Health Organization said Monday.

How Washington Helped Create Israel's Secret Nuclear Arsenal
In the 1960s the US was far from blindly supporting Israeli interests in the Middle East

Why America Needs a Major War in Europe?

Losing Credibility The IMF's New Cold War Loan to Ukraine

Sidestepping Ukraine's 'N-Word' for Nazi
The mainstream U.S. media is hazing German Chancellor Merkel and President Obama for sidestepping the "I-word" invasion in reference to Russia and Ukraine. But the MSM goes mute on Ukraine's "N-word" for "Nazi" so as not to disrupt the pro-Kiev "group think," says Robert Parry.

EU delays entry into force of Russia sanctions to assess ceasefire

Ukraine ceasefire breached in Donetsk and Mariupol
Shelling is audible in port of Mariupol and explosions reported in Donetsk days after ceasefire deal

Von der Leyen dubious about NATO's two-percent rule
Germany's defense minister has said she does not see the need to raise military spending to two percent of GDP. Only four of NATO's 28 members currently meet the alliance's longstanding target for defense spending.

On savagery and war
The Islamic State group and the wholesale violence in Iraq and Syria.

Americans Now Fear ISIS Sleeper Cells Are Living in the U.S.
Overwhelmingly Support Military Action

NATO's new missions won't solve Ukraine, Iraq crises

Hagel: US Must Weigh Results of Broader Iraq Fight

U.S. moves to reassure Georgia as Ukraine crisis stokes unease

Made in the USA: Report Shows ISIS Using US Arms from 'Syria Rebels'
ISIS Anti-Tank Rockets Were Given to FSA Last Year

Syria's 'So-Called Moderate Rebels' Sold Sotloff to ISIS
A spokesman for the family of murdered journalist Steven Sotloff claimed Monday night that Sotloff was sold to the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) by Syria's "so-called moderate rebels."

Destroying ISIS May Take Years, U.S. Officials Say

In place of 'boots on the ground,' US seeks contractors for Iraq

Iraq crisis: Obama to set out 'US offensive against IS'

U.S. military expands airstrikes in western Iraq

Russia, China agree to settle more trade in yuan and rouble

BBC playing dirty tricks against Iran by spreading disinformation

Boko Haram closes in on its dream of an African caliphate and Isis gives its blessing, and advice on strategy

Role of Pentagon, CIA in Somalia
A reported car-bomb rammed into a convoy of troops from the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) on Sept. 8 killing at least twelve people including four from the United States.

Noam Chomsky, The Fate of the Gaza Ceasefire

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