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Venezuela's UN Security Council bid gains backing
Posted: Friday, September 12, 2014

Venezuela's UN Security Council bid gains backing

US threatened Yahoo with $250,000 daily fine over NSA data refusal
Company releases 1,500 documents from failed suit against NSA over user data requests and cooperation with Prism compliance

How the West Created the Islamic State
... With a Little Help From Our Friends

Six Steps Short of War to Beat ISIS

Frustration drives Arsal's FSA into ISIS ranks

'Vetted Moderate' Free Syrian Army Commander Admits Alliance with ISIS, Confirms PJ Media Reporting
As President Obama laid out his "strategy" last night for dealing with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and as bipartisan leadership in Congress pushes to approve as much as $4 billion to arm Syrian "rebels," it should be noted that the keystone to his anti-Assad policy – the "vetted moderate" Free Syrian Army (FSA) – is now admitting that they, too, are working with the Islamic State.

Turkey will refuse to allow a US-led coalition to attack ISIS militants in neighbouring Iraq and Syria from its air bases, nor will it take part in combat operations against militants, a government official told AFP Thursday.

Syria warns against foreign intervention after Obama speech

Obama's Breathtaking Expansion of a President's Power To Make War

Reporter in Iraq: 'I Know There Are Already Boots on the Ground Where I Am'

Ex-Bush official rips Obama's 'breathtaking' expansion of war powers

Russia warns US against strikes on Islamic State in Syria

Germany, Britain say won't take part in anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria

Russia's Lavrov: West may use ISIS as pretext to bomb Syrian government forces
If the West bombs Islamic State militants in Syria without consulting Damascus, the anti-ISIS alliance may use the occasion to launch airstrikes against President Bashar Assad's forces, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

CIA: ISIS has 20,000 to 31,500 fighters

Syria and Iraq: Why US Policy Is Fraught with Danger
The United States is reluctantly but decisively becoming engaged in the civil wars in Iraq and Syria as it seeks to combat Isis, which calls itself Islamic State.

Iraq War III: Obama's 'Operation Doubletalk'

Israel 'Concerned' US War on ISIS Will Temper Hostility Toward Iran

Obama: US to Step up Economic Penalties on Russia

Russia committed to Ukraine peace plan despite EU sanctions

A Powerful NATO Flotilla Has Entered the Black Sea to Reassure Ukraine
Sea Breeze training exercise brings together 13 ships from six countries

Citing Failed War on Drugs, World Leaders Call for Widespread Decriminalization
Global commission condemns "harsh measures grounded in repressive ideologies"

Noam Chomsky: The Real Reason Israel "Mows the Lawn" in Gaza
Like other states, Israel pleads "security" as justification for its aggressive and violent actions. But knowledgeable Israelis know better.

Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza

Ceasefires in Which Violations Never Cease: What's Next for Israel, Hamas, and Gaza?

Breaking The Last Taboo - Gaza and the Threat of World War

Missouri execution contested over drug secrecy and racism claims
Earl Ringo, convicted by an all-white jury for a double murder, set to be executed Wednesday night with untested drug cocktail

Philadelphia set to decriminalize marijuana possession

Guyana authorities seize submersible used to transport drugs

US bans Europol from releasing its own documents to European officials
The United States has instructed Europol, the European Union's police agency, to withhold its own annual internal data-protection review from EU lawmakers because the report was written without the US Treasury Department's permission.

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