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The Battle for Palestine
Posted: Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Battle for Palestine
You can't understand the worsening Mideast violence without knowing the modern history of Palestine, a story that begins with European anti-Semitism causing Zionists to claim Palestine for the Jews and to expel the Arabs, wrote retired U.S. diplomat William R. Polk in the first of three parts.

The Battle for Palestine — Part Two

The Battle for Palestine — Part Three

Jordan warns settlements may 'imperil' treaty with Israel
Jewish construction, Israeli change to religious status of al-Aqsa mosque is 'incompatible with international law', says Jordan's ambassador to Israel.

Abbas asks US to stop Israeli 'escalations' in East Jerusalem
Urgent missive to Washington comes as Jordan warns that changes to status quo at al-Aqsa Mosque could endanger peace treaty

Israel Apartheid? Palestinians to be banned from West Bank settlers' buses
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon has decided Palestinians working in Israel should only be able to return home to West Bank via a single crossing and should not be allowed to ride the same buses as settlers.

Ya'alon launches scathing assault on US policy in the Middle East
In Washington Post interview, 'without naming names,' defense minister batters the administration over Palestinian conflict, Iran talks and overall regional approach

Using the Holocaust to Justify War
Since bursting onto the U.S. foreign policy stage in the 1980s, the neocons have been masters of "perception management," devising emotional (and often false) messaging to justify aggressive war, as Maidhc Cathail sees in recent Holocaust-themed propaganda against Syria's government.

Israeli president's diagnosis — 'Israel is a sick society'
— doesn't go viral in the U.S.

Did you hear that the president of Israel said Israel is a "sick society"? Reuven Rivlin, a Likudnik, said this over the weekend. There's been lots of coverage in Israel, but as Sullivan points out, the declaration hasn't gotten much attention stateside. I should think it would be viral.

Rivlin: Violence an epidemic in Israeli society

Cross-Canada Anti-War Demonstrations This Weekend

Canadian government seizes on Ottawa shooting to promote militarist, anti-democratic agenda

The True History of Blowback in One Sentence

Kenyan soldiers kill over 80 militants in Somalia

As Executions Rise, Allies Must Focus More Closely on Warring Anti-IS Forces
In many respects the situation in Saudi Arabia is getting worse rather than better, as if the government feels it must compete with the IS

ISIS Expulsion From Iraq Town Leads to Revenge Killings
Shi'ite Militias Summarily Execute Captives

No direct combat for Iraqi Kurds in Kobani, ISIS loses ground in Iraq

After victory in key Iraqi town, time for revenge

Missiles of ISIS May Pose Peril for Aircrews

ISIS sends Chechen commander to Kobane
The Islamic State leadership has ordered a prominent Chechen commander to Kobane, according to a Rudaw source inside ISIS-controlled territory.

Kurds 'repulse ISIL push' in Syria's Kobane
Kurdish fighters endure fourth day of ISIL attempts to take border crossing into Turkey, despite US-led air strikes.

Oil Gives Kurds a Path to Independence, and Conflict With Baghdad

More than 800 killed in 40 days of clashes in Syrian city of Kobani

U.S.: Rebel force in Syria to be built from scratch

Obama Still Does a Good Imitation of Bush
We really should be used to this by now. After almost six years in office, President Obama is far more like George W. Bush in national-security matters than he led the American people to believe.

Stand Tall America, We're #1!
(When It Comes to Our Military Budget, Knocking Off Wedding Parties, Military Bases, etc.)

Putin lashes out at US, West for destabilizing world
Vladimir Putin lashed out at the United States and the West for destabilizing the world order of checks and balances for its own gains. He also accused the West of inflaming the situation in Ukraine and said Russia is not interested in building an empire.

Putin Warns Of Risk Of Major Conflict, Says Dollar Losing Reserve Currency Status

Western Sponsors Liable for Kiev Basket Case
Since Washington and Brussels shunted the geopolitical tracks in the first place to create the financial train wreck that is now manifestly the Ukraine, you would think that there might be a sense of obligation on Western governments to salvage the mess. Not a bit of it, it seems.

China not to join sanctions against Russia

Citizenfour's Escape to Freedom in Russia
An international community of resistance has formed against pervasive spying by the U.S. National Security Agency with key enclaves in Moscow (with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden) and in London (with WikiLeaks' Julian Assange), way stations visited by ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

'Google grown big & bad': Assange reveals company & its founder's links to US govt

Israel Beats Out US for $525 Million Arms Sale to India

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