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When it comes to its morality, Israel prefers not to be tried
Posted: Saturday, January 10, 2015

Taliban 'reject offer of Afghan government posts'
The Taliban have been offered posts in the new Afghan government but have turned them down, the BBC understands.

Senate warns 'strong response' prepared to Palestinian ICC action
Key members of the United States Senate issued a warning to the Palestinian Authority on Friday, warning the "deplorable, counterproductive" decision to join the International Criminal Court "will be met with a strong response."

When it comes to its morality, Israel prefers not to be tried
For a country that insists itís done nothing wrong, Israel sure acts like it has something to hide.

Al Qaeda Source: AQAP Directed Paris Attack
A source within al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has provided The Intercept with a full statement claiming responsibility for the attack against the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris...

Boko Haram May Have Killed Thousands in Attack, Say Experts

Federal prosecutors recommend charges against ex-CIA chief David Petraeus
The FBI and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against retired Gen. David Petraeus for providing classified information to his former mistress while he was director of the CIA, officials said, leaving Attorney General Eric Holder to decide whether to seek an indictment that could send the pre-eminent military officer of his generation to prison.

Does the 'Islamic State' have financial problems?
The Jihadi organisation "Islamic State" is believed to be the richest terror group in the world. But their operations cost a fortune - so they may run into financial problems medium-term.

Gunmen Hunted After 12 Killed At Paris Magazine
Two masked men shout "we have avenged the prophet" and "God is

At least 12 dead in Paris after attack on satirical newspaper

US Investigating Civilian Casualties in Airstrikes Against ISIS

Iran, top general saved Baghdad from falling to IS: Iraq MP

Was Naftali Bennett responsible for a massacre of Lebanese civilians?
Controversy erupts over Bayit Yehudi chief's role in events that led to the Kfar Kana massacre during Operation Grapes of Wrath.

Car bomb kills 35 people outside Yemen police college

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