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Yemen Joins The Axis Of Resistance
Posted: Thursday, March 26, 2015

Airlines change cockpit rules after co-pilot blamed for Germanwings crash
Mystery of flight 4U9525 solved after prosecutor reveals Andreas Lubitz had locked pilot out of cockpit and activated descent into French Alps

Mass-killer co-pilot who deliberately crashed Germanwings plane had to STOP training because he was suffering depression and 'burn-out'. German police make 'significant discovery' at his flat

Saudi Arabia launches airstrikes on Yemen rebel military bases
Kingdom deploys 100 fighter jets and 150,000 soldiers after president flees country by boat

Iran warns of bloodshed as Saudi–led forces bomb Yemen
Houthi rebels say least 18 people killed in air strikes in Sanaa, as Iran warns violence could spread across the region.

25 killed in Saudi-led operation against Yemen's Houthis (Roundup)

Ground operation planned in Yemen: Egyptian officials

Russian expert: Saudi Arabia may suffer defeat in Yemen

Yemen Joins The Axis Of Resistance
The tribal groups in north Yemen that make up the Houthi movement have always been distinct in their fighting spirits. When the Saudi army was send to beat them it was thoroughly defeated. They have also always felt that they did not receive a fair share of Yemen's not so big oil revenues and other spoils. During the last decades they fought some six small wars against the Yemeni army.

ISIS: Making sense of the spectacular brutality and viral engagement fueling the new state of terror
Experts explain how botched American policies helped create a movement that revolutionized Islamist extremism

Iran talks aim for understanding this week, not end game: European official

Russian Duma may reauthorize Putin to send the Russian Army into Ukraine

Ukraine's Oligarchs Turn on Each Other
Ukraine's post-coup regime is facing what looks like a falling-out among thieves as oligarch-warlord Igor Kolomoisky, who was given his own province to rule, brought his armed men to Kiev to fight for control of the state-owned energy company, further complicating the State Department's propaganda efforts, reports Robert Parry.

The Government's Fixation on Spying and Lying

Netanyahu gets go-ahead to form Israel's next government

EU plans to pressure Israel as diplomat warns of 'collision course'
Leaked report outlines 40 suggestions to sway Israeli policy; EU source: more chance of implementation in wake of Netanyahu rejection of Palestinian state.

White House Says Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Lands 'Must End'
In striking choice of words, Obama's chief of staff elevates public rhetoric against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel Spied on Iran Talks, Gave Intel to US Lawmakers to Kill Deal: Report
US officials angered, reports Wall Street Journal, that Israelis used captured information from high-level negotiations to thwart chances of nuclear agreement

Did Allied troops rape 285,000 German women?
That's the shocking claim in a new book. But is the German feminist behind it exposing a war crime – or slandering heroes?

Moscow says new U.S. national security strategy is anti-Russian

EU and Cuba push for closer ties as thaw develops

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