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The Nuclear Deal with Iran
Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chattanooga's bloody morning: one gunman, two crime scenes, four dead
At 10.45 on Thursday morning, the first shots went off in Chattanooga, a picturesque city at Tennessee's southern border. Within around 30 minutes, four US marines would be dead following an intense attack against two US military facilities by a lone gunman.

Britain will continue targeting Isil despite lack of Parliamentary approval
MPs demand Defence Secretary be called before the Commons after it emerges David Cameron was fully aware of the missions

The Nuclear Deal with Iran
Iran reached a landmark nuclear agreement with the U.S. and five other world powers, a long-sought foreign policy goal of President Barack Obama that sets the White House on course for months of political strife with dissenters in Congress and in allied Middle Eastern nations.

US/Israeli/Saudi 'Behavior' Problems
In Official Washington's latest detour from the real world, top pundits are depicting Iran as the chief troublemaker in the Mideast and saying the nuclear deal should hinge on Iranian "behavior." But the real "behavior" problems come from Israel, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., writes Robert Parry.

The GOP's Iran Dilemma
But before the party commits to abrogating the Iran deal in 2017, the GOP should consider whether it would be committing suicide in 2016.

AIPAC Forms New Anti-Iran Deal Lobbying Group
$20 Million Campaign to Span 30-40 States

Pro-Israel Aipac Creates Group to Lobby Against the Iran Deal

US Warns Israel Against Destroying West Bank Palestinian Town
Israel Has Repeatedly Demolished Town, Evicted Residents

More Than 2,800 People Are Dead in Yemen, So Why Is the Media Silent?

20 million face starving to death due to US backed bombing of Yemen

Abdulazeez and Abdulaziz
Salman bin Abdulaziz is one of the world's worst dictators. He has many prior infractions, such as publicly announcing becoming a rogue nuclear state, beheading and torturing hundreds of people and repressing millions, and is currently carrying out a war of aggression against one of the poorest countries in the world, Yemen, killing thousands of civilians and enforcing a blockade that risks starving millions, as Yemen imports almost all of its food. - See more at:

U.S. Air Force Is Supporting AlQaeda In Yemen And - Coming Now - Also In Syria

After five year delay, countdown to official launch of 'Africa's NATO' begins, but hurdles remain
The African Standby Force is a military force made up of only African troops that is supposed to intervene within two weeks of an eruption of violence

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