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So Obama Wants Talks with Putin on Syria?
Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2015

U.S. State Department "Welcomes" News That Saudi Arabia Will Head U.N. Human Rights Panel
Last week's announcement that Saudi Arabia – easily one of the world's most brutally repressive regimes – was chosen to head a U.N. Human Rights Council panel provoked indignation around the world.

White House: Next Week's Planned Meeting Proves Putin 'Desperate'
US, Russia Both Insist Talks Were the Other Side's Idea

So Obama Wants Talks with Putin on Syria?
After more than a year of demonising Russia as a threat to world peace, all of a sudden the United States changes tack and wants to hold talks with Moscow over Syria. US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are set to hold talks in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting.

Syria Claims Tacit Deal Between US, Russia on Ending War
Pentagon Says Possible 'Overlap' in US-Russia Interests

Russia Returns to the Middle East
It appears, surprisingly, the best place to be at this time is Moscow, where Putin received in quick succession the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Turkish ruler Recep Erdogan.

After Netanyahu-Putin meeting, Israel military says it is coordinating with Russia on Syria

Russia builds up Syria airbase as US policy suffers setback

Russia Checks Western Lies on Syria

US Exploited Assad's Fight Against Al-Qaeda
The US government has been relying on its standard narrative that the Syria crisis emerged spontaneously after an "Arab Spring" inspired protest was violently suppressed by the Syrian government. The entire US intervention was justified on these grounds. Thus the Obama Administration, as it did in Ukraine, has attempted to disavow any role in fomenting the uprising and thus any responsibility for the violence that ensued.

Syrian Army Uses New Russian Jets to Strike ISIS in Aleppo
Fighters hoped the strike would break ISIS' siege of a nearby air base.

West and Turkey soften tone towards Assad regime
As the Syrian government began using newly acquired Russian aircraft to bomb ISIL positions this week, western countries, along with Turkey, have increasingly softened their tone on the Assad regime.

NSA head: Clinton server a 'priority' target for foreign agencies
The head of the National Security Agency told a Senate Committee on Thursday that Hillary Clinton's former email setup would be an "opportunity" for the U.S. if it had been used by a top foreign diplomat.

The CIA's Torture Defenders
An all-star cast teams up to spin their enhanced interrogation regime.

Croatia-Serbia border row escalates
The crisis caused by the flow of refugees through the Balkans is turning into a trade war between Croatia and Serbia. The two countries have upped border restrictions amid mutual accusations.

War, Propaganda and the Enemy Within
Chris Hedges explains the 'folly of Empire,' the dangers posed by right-wing extremism and the urgent need for a new system.

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