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Russian strikes again expose US disarray
Posted: Thursday, October 1, 2015

Russian strikes again expose US disarray

Russia Begins Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria
US Condemns Move, Syria Confirms They Asked Russia for Help

Finally some clarity about the Russian plans about Syria

Russia defends its military action in Syria

Russia admits targeting non-Isis groups in Syria as airstrikes continue
Russian combat aircraft have carried out a second day of airstrikes against Syrian rebel forces as Moscow admitted it had targeted groups other than Islamic State in coordination with the government in Damascus.

US Complains As Russia Bombs its Terrorists
The New York Times in its recent article, "Russians Strike Targets in Syria, but Not ISIS Areas," attempts to frame Russia's recent actions in Syria as dishonest and dangerous.

Western-backed Syrian rebel group says hit by Russian air strikes

US-Funded NGO in Syria Uses Old Photo to Claim Civilian Death in Russian Airstrikes
Group Lashes Russian Official on Twitter for Noting Picture Wasn't Real

Putin: Claims Russian jets killed civilians in Syria emerged before airstrikes started

Syria: Thoughts On The Russian Air Support
Immediately after news of the first Russian strike the U.S. payed "Syrian Civil Defense" organization "White Helmets" posted propaganda claims of killed children. The picture it used to prove its claims had also been used on September 25, before the Russians started to bomb. Next came claims that the Russian had hit "moderate rebels" which the U.S. says are its good guys. To which Mark Adomanis snarked: The US couldn't find "moderate" rebels in 3 years. Apparently the Russians did in 24 hours.

Iran troops to join Syria war, Russia bombs group trained by CIA

Russia says its air strikes against Islamic State will not be extended to Iraq

Pentagon's top Russia official resigns
The Pentagon's top official overseeing military relations with Russia and Ukraine is resigning amid the ongoing debate within the Obama administration over how to respond to Russian moves in Ukraine and Syria.

Regime Change as American as Apple Pie
Clandestine American-led interventions have fuelled the explosion in terror networks across the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Yet amid this American legacy of international violence, Obama was charged with painting a rose-tinted view of the world that was breath-taking in its distortion and absurdity.

French raid in Syria 'kills 12 child soldiers'
An activist group has said France's first air strike on Islamic State (IS) militants in Syrian territory killed 30, including 12 child soldiers.

3,842 Killed in Iraq during September

U.S. troops dispatched to Kunduz to help Afghan forces

Agreement Reached on Weapons Withdrawal in East Ukraine
The deal, an extension of a broad agreement signed in February, covers the withdrawal of heavy weaponry of less than 100 mm from the eastern Ukrainian frontline.

Saudi Arabian Prince Makes Unprecedented Call for Removal of King in Palace Coup
King Salman has presided over a serious of disasters during his short reign, including a drop in the price of oil, the war in Yemen and the recent deaths of over 800 pilgrims.

The father of the Saudi boy awaiting execution wants you to know one thing

UK helped Saudi Arabia get UN human rights role through 'secret deal' to exchange votes, leaked documents suggest
'The ministry might find it an opportunity to exchange support with the United Kingdom', leaked cable reportedly reads

Palestinian flag raised at United Nations headquarters
Addressing the UN General Assembly, Mr Abbas said it was unconscionable that the question of Palestinian statehood remained unresolved.

Israel's Netanyahu slams 'deceitful, inciting' Abbas UN speech

It's Britain that needs to 'move on' over slavery away from the myths
During his tour of Jamaica this week, David Cameron dismissed the growing calls for Britain to apologise and pay reparations for the nation's role in the transatlantic slave trade. He argued that Jamaica needed to "move on" from that horrendous chapter in history, and spoke of Britain's pride in its role in abolishing the slave trade.

Flashback: David Cameron Says 'We Must Never Forget The Holocaust'

The Latin America WikiLeaks Files
US diplomatic cables reveal a coordinated assault against Latin America's left-wing governments.

Male Shooter Dead After 'Multiple Casualties' at College

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