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Turkish F-16 attacked Russian Su-24 without warning
Posted: Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkish F-16 attacked Russian Su-24 without warning, both were above Syria commander

Putin: Turkey deliberately leading relations with Russia 'into a gridlock'
Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Turkey of intentionally bringing relations with Russia into a 'gridlock' following the incident with the downed Russian bomber in Syria.

Let's talk, Turkey: Downing of Russian SU-24 bomber just doesn't add up

Russia will pull out of Syria coalition if downing of jet is repeated, says Putin
Russian president agrees closer ties to defeat Islamic State but says any more 'unacceptable' incidents would mean 'an end to cooperation with anybody'

'Commercial scale' oil smuggling into Turkey becomes priority target of anti-ISIS strikes
Islamic State's daring and impudent oil smuggling into Turkey should become a high-priority target in order to cripple the terrorist group, President Putin said, backed by French President Francois Hollande. Both agree that the source of terrorist financing must be hit first and foremost.

Russia 'wipes out' Syrian rebels in area where its jet was brought down

Russia deploys cutting-edge S-400 air defense system to Syrian base after Su-24 downing
Moscow has deployed its newest S-400 air defense missile system to Khmeimim in Syria as part of a security boost following the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey earlier this week.

Mystery over who bombed Turkish convoy allegedly carrying weapons to militants in Syria
A Turkish convoy, which according to some reports was transporting weapons to terrorist organizations, has been hit by apparent airstrikes in northwestern Syria.

Russia targets Turkish economy over downed warplane

Turkish PM Warns Russia Not to Attack Syrian Turkmens
Brags of Giving Order Himself to Shoot Down Russian Plane

UAE Dispatches Colombian Mercenaries to Yemen
The United Arab Emirates have made a lot of their involvement in the Saudi war against Yemen, and were one of the first to send ground troops into the nation to try to seize territory from the Shi'ite Houthis. The troops weren't all Emiratis, however.

If you keep saying Saudi Arabia is like ISIS, you might get sued
Now, reports in the Saudi press suggest that authorities have a new tactic for those who compare them to the Islamic State: taking them to court. According to a report in pro-government newspaper Al Riyadh, the Saudi justice ministry is planning to sue a Twitter user who suggested that a death sentence recently handed out to a Palestinian artist for apostasy was "ISIS-like."

Saudi Arabia executions: Kingdom to behead 50 men convicted of terrorism offences despite threat of Shia revolt
Impervious to international opinion, the desert kingdom is poised to execute more than 50 people, three of whom were under 18 when their alleged crime took place. All because of a power struggle within the ruling family

Mali manuscripts: Nations treasure trove of ancient books saved from jihadists are once again at risk
There are fears that Islamists may try to complete the cultural cleansing they started almost three years ago in Timbuktu

US Muslim forced off plane cites Islamophobia
Being told to get off plane in front of passengers was "humiliating", says Kameelah Rasheed, who alleges discrimination.

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