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Israelis – Not Muslims – Cheered in Jersey City on 9/11
Posted: Saturday, November 28, 2015

Israelis – Not Muslims – Cheered in Jersey City on 9/11

Russia has right to military response after jet downing: Naryshkin

Vladimir Putin announces Russian sanctions against Turkey
Kremlin decree issued to 'ensure national security' includes restrictions on imports and on Turkish staff working for Russian businesses

Turkish weapons 'heading to end in ISIS hands': RT speaks to Cumhuriyet journalists
Journalists from one of few remaining independent newspapers in Turkey, Cumhuriyet, whose editors were recently, arrested, have spoken to RT from their Istanbul office, sharing what they know about Turkey's alleged connections with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Turkey boosts arms supplies to Syria terrorists in exchange for oil & antiques Damascus

Putin and Hollande go after Erdogan's racket

Kremlin says Putin 'fully mobilized' to tackle threat from Turkey

Military expert: Turkish air force stalked Russian jets 'for several days'

Turkey suspends Syria flights after crisis with Russia
The Turkish army has suspended flights over Syria as part of an ongoing joint military campaign with the United States against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) after it shot down a Russian jetfighter, sparking an unprecedented crisis between Ankara and Moscow.

WHY? Turkey Openly Refuses to Fight ISIL; Quits US Military Coalition?
Another cowardly act from Erdogan's Turkey. Now they are openly refusing to fight ISIL citing threat of S-400, Su-27 air cover and hostile attitudes of Russians after they themselves provoked it.

Erdogan's Mistake: Russia May Now Initiate Own 'No-Fly Zone' Over Syria
President Erdogan's mistake in shooting down the Russian Su-24 bomber 'has waived the green light' for Russia to initiate a 'no-fly zone' by deploying additional fighter power and air defense systems in Syria, US columnist Jim W. Dean notes.

Putin Asks France for Map of Syria's Anti-ISIS Rebels to Avoid Bombing Them
Status of Various Rebel Factions Long Unclear

Belgian Physicists Calculate that Everyone Is Lying About the Downed Russian Jet

Kremlin says Western powers 'not ready' to work in anti-IS coalition with Russia

Syrian troops could be used to help fight Isis, France's foreign minister says
Laurent Fabius says use of government troops will only be an option if and when a unity government without Assad is in place

Thousands attend protests against UK airstrikes on Syria:
Thousands of people gathered outside Downing Street and in cities around the UK on Saturday to protest against the government's plans to bomb Islamic State targets in Syria.

Iranian media is revealing that scores of the country's fighters are dying in Syria

Saudi-led Yemen strikes illegally kill civilians: HRW

In Yemen War, Mercenaries Launched By Blackwater Head Were Spotted Today

Enslaving People to Keep Them Safe from Government-Produced Enemies
Why did our American ancestors enact the Fourth Amendment? Because they knew that governments everywhere attract the same type of people those who mean well as they smash down people's doors with the aim of keeping people in society "safe and secure," including from enemies that government policies produce. By enacting the amendment, our American ancestors were striving to protect American society from those types of people within the federal government.

The pretend war: why bombing Isil won't solve the problem
The deployment of our military might in Syria will exacerbate regional disorder and it will solve nothing

Obama Administration Changed the Rationale for Why Assassinations Don't Violate the Assassination Prohibition

Suspect identified in Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting, 3 killed, 9 injured

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