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Examining the Syria War Chessboard
Posted: Monday, January 25, 2016

US supports Saudi war in Yemen, says John Kerry

Syrian Civil War: Why the Endless Conflict Is at a Decisive Point
The Syrian peace talks between government and opposition will begin in the next few days in Geneva in an atmosphere of almost undiluted gloom about the prospects for success. The two sides hate each other and have spent five years trying to kill each other, making it unlikely that they will agree to share power in any way except geographically, with each side keeping the territory it currently holds and defending it with its own armed forces.

U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels
When President Obama secretly authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to begin arming Syria's embattled rebels in 2013, the spy agency knew it would have a willing partner to help pay for the covert operation. It was the same partner the C.I.A. has relied on for decades for money and discretion in far-off conflicts: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

U.S. says prepared for military solution against Islamic State in Syria

The Empire Files: Examining the Syria War Chessboard
The war in Syria is an unparalleled crisis. It has gone far beyond an internal political struggle, and is marked by a complex array of forces that the U.S. Empire hopes to command: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kurdistan, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and more. To simplify this web of enemies and friends, Abby Martin interviews Dr. Vijay Prashad, professor of International Studies at Trinity College and author of several books.

The CIA's Syria Program and the Perils of Proxies
Almost every aspect of the Obama administration's policy toward Syria has been scrutinized, lambasted or praised in recent months, but one of the most significant facets, the CIA's covert aid program to Syrian rebels, has largely slipped below the radar.

Joe Biden Says the PKK and the Islamic State Are Equal Threats to Turkey
US Vice President Joe Biden described the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) as a terror group "plain and simple" during a joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Istanbul on Saturday, suggesting that the militant group poses as much of a threat to Turkish national security as the Islamic State (IS).

Turkey alarmed by Russian troop build up in northern Syria
Turkish President Erdogan voices concern as Russian forces mass on the Syria-Turkey border

U.S. to Put 'Boots on the Ground' in Iraq to Combat ISIL
Defense Secretary Carter announces plans to deploy 101st Airborne Division in latest escalation of war.

Another Whitehall Farce: George Galloway and Alex Goldfarb on Litvinenko "Inquiry"

Report: UK, U.S., Russian troops in Libya

Another Fine Mess: NATO's 'Laurel & Hardy Act' In Libya Not Getting Laughs

Egypt, five years later: A human-rights catastrophe of America's making
After vowing to support the country's revolutionaries, the U.S. is now aiding and abetting their violent oppression

Nearly $8 trillion wiped off world stocks in January, US recession chances rising: BAML

"The Australian Dream Is Rooted In Racism"

White people have least confidence in the American Dream

U.S Troops Go to Sy-Raq to Reinforce Democracy

Iran's leader says never trusted the West, seeks closer ties with China

Iran Wishes to Purchase Hundreds of Airplanes From Europe, U.S.
As the Islamic Republic emerges from sanctions and international isolation, it seeks to revamp its aging fleet.

Sanctions lifted, Iran's Rouhani heads to Europe to drum up business

U.S. Prisoner Who Stayed in Iran Was F.B.I. Consultant, Expatriate News Service Says

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