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The Panama Papers
Posted: Monday, April 4, 2016

The Panama Papers – What Happens When Corruption Is Systemic
Over the weekend, an historic release of information came out in the Panama Papers showing exactly who, how, and when a vast network of people stole and hoarded money. Our minds easily grok the realities of Vladimir Putin embezzling a billion dollars through offshore accounts or the Prime Minister of Iceland stealing cash from public coffers. Where we fail more easily is visualizing the system of shell companies, accounting tools, trade regimes, tax havens, and legislative changes that make up the system of wealth extraction all of these individuals are using in collaboration with their partners in crime.

Eggs Fly in Iceland as Panama Papers Spark Populist Anger in the Streets
Capitalism could face crisis of credibility as leaked documents illuminate global rules rigged for the rich and powerful

Brazil Is Engulfed by Ruling Class Corruption — and a Dangerous Subversion of Democracy
THE MULTIPLE, REMARKABLE crises consuming Brazil are now garnering substantial Western media attention. That's understandable given that Brazil is the world's fifth most populous country and eighth-largest economy; its second-largest city, Rio de Janeiro, is the host of this year's Summer Olympics. But much of this Western media coverage mimics the propaganda coming from Brazil's homogenized, oligarch-owned, anti-democracy media outlets and, as such, is misleading, inaccurate, and incomplete, particularly when coming from those with little familiarity with the country (there are numerous Brazil-based Western reporters doing outstanding work).

Another Western intervention in Libya looms
The shaky debut last week of a new unity government in Libya brings Western nations, including the United States, much closer to a renewed military mission there, and to a host of obstacles that will test their ability to secure a country gripped by Islamist extremism and civil war.

The Fallacy of ‘Humanitarian' War
The new excuse for U.S. imperial wars is "humanitarian" or "liberal" interventionism with Hillary Clinton and other proponents citing noble motives for destroying foreign societies, as ex-CIA official Graham E. Fuller discusses.

Russia gives U.S. new ultimatum in Syria cease-fire
Russia on Monday warned the United States that it will start responding to cease-fire violations in Syria unilaterally starting Tuesday if the U.S. refuses to coordinate rules of engagement against the violators.

Ceasefire Fails to Take Hold, Nagorno-Karabakh Fighting Rages
Pro-Armenia Faction Rules Out Truce Unless They Get Territory Back

Nusra Front, Syrian rebels attack government forces near Aleppo, gain ground

Yemen's President Replaces Prime Minister
The Yemeni president has replaced the nation's vice president and the head of the cabinet, Khaled Bahah, citing shortcomings in the government's performance.

Iraqi Shiite militias say US troops ‘forces of occupation,' demand withdrawal
Iran-backed Shiite militia forces in Iraq have strongly opposed new US troops deployed in the country. The militias warned that if Washington does not withdraw its forces "immediately," they will deal with them "as forces of occupation."

Cleaning Up Hillary's Libyan Mess
U.S. officials are pushing a dubious new scheme to "unify" a shattered Libya, but the political risk at home is that voters will finally realize Hillary Clinton's responsibility for the mess, writes Robert Parry.

State Dept halts review of Clinton emails at FBI request

If Hillary Isn't Indicted, the Rule of Law and the Republic Are Dead

Israel - Map Censorship
What is the difference between a textbook publisher giving into pressure from Christian fundamentalists seeking to censor the teaching of evolution, and a publisher giving in to Zionists seeking to censor awareness of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine? Neither phenomenon is a matter of opinion or perspective. One act of censorship denies facts established by scientific research. The other denies the documented violation of international law (for instance, the Fourth Geneva Convention) and multiple UN resolutions. So the answer to the question just asked is – there is no difference.

11 killed in Saudi aerial attacks on Yemen's Jawf Province
Nearly a dozen people have been killed in a series of airstrikes carried out by Saudi warplanes in Yemen's Jawf Province, local media say.

Castro government welcomes Obama, US corporate heads to Cuba
President Barack Obama traveled to Cuba on Sunday, leading an enormous US delegation that has been reported as comprising as many as 1,200 people, large enough to be described with some justification as an invading force of American politicians and corporate executives.

Behind the Crimea/Russia Reunion
Official Washington marches in propaganda lockstep about Crimea's decision to rejoin Russia two years ago, with references to a Russian "invasion" and a "sham" referendum of Crimea's voters, but the reality is different, says ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Kenya Says Its Forces Killed 34 Al Shabaab Fighters in Somalia

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