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Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Suspended
Posted: Friday, May 13, 2016

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Suspended After Senate Votes For Impeachment Trial
Corruption charges, a deepening economic crisis and insurgency by opponents led to the downfall of Rousseff.

Brazil's Democracy to Suffer Grievous Blow as Unelectable, Corrupt Neoliberal is Installed

Saudi officials were 'supporting' 9/11 hijackers, commission member says
First serious public split revealed among commissioners over the release of the secret 28 pages' that detail Saudi ties to 2001 terrorist attacks

In Colorado 'Sacrifice Zone,' Break Free Protest Escalates Fight Against Fossil Fuels
"It's time for the people to step up and escalate and really create more of a global wave of resistance to keep fossil fuels in the ground."

Saudi Military Threatens to Occupy Yemen Capital if Peace Talks Fail
General Insists Saudis Won't Tolerate Militia 'Threatening Our Border'

FBI's Comey: I feel 'pressure' to quickly finish Clinton email probe
Handling investigation 'well' is top priority, FBI director says, rejecting any 'external deadline'

Ten Ways Israel Is Just Like Saudi Arabia

Abu Ghraib prisoners deserve, finally, their day in court

Putin says Crimea now free of reliance on Kiev for its power

London Summit: US Must End Tax 'Hypocrisy' or Corruption Will Prevail
'So long as countries with real commitments on the world stage continue...ignoring the larger jurisdictions, the results will be continued failure'

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