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How Americans Came to Kill in the Middle East
Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2016

'March of Silence' in Uruguay sends message of remembrance to South America
They were marching shoulder-to-shoulder, young and old, in absolute silence. Some were carrying small placards with names and photos of their loved ones, who disappeared four decades ago, during the pro-Western dictatorship here in Uruguay.

John Kerry Gives Saudis a Big Pass on Indiscriminate Bombing of Civilians in Yemen

NY Gov. Cuomo signs "unconstitutional, McCarthyite" pro-Israel exec. order punishing BDS boycott movement
Andrew Cuomo pushed through discriminatory policy to punish groups that boycott Israel for Palestinian human rights

New York Governor Signs Pro-Israel, Anti-BDS Executive Order
The governor is ordering the state to come up with a list of groups engaged in "boycott, divestment or sanctions activity targeting Israel."

Pakistani sweet shop owner admits killing 30 people with poison-laced sweets
The owner said he mixed poison with the sweets to 'teach his brother a lesson'

31 people suddenly dropped dead in a Pakistani village. Now police claim to know the horrible reason why.

Muhammad Ali: a Torchbearer of Resistance

Clinton to Sanders: I dropped out for Obama it was 'the right thing to do'
Clinton recalls her decision to concede to Obama in 2008, turning up the heat on Sanders ahead of primaries she's expected to use to declare victory.

How Americans Came to Kill in the Middle East

US Asks Russia to Not Hit Nusra Front in Syria, Moscow Says

Backed by Russian air cover, Syrian regime forces reach Raqqa border

Syria: The U.S. Is Unwilling To Settle - Russia Returns For Another Round
The Obama administration does not want peace in Syria. The Russians finally have to admit to themselves that the U.S. is no partner for a continuation of a cease fire, a coordinated attack against the Islamic State and al-Qaeda and for peace in Syria.

Hustler magazine hits the mailboxes of Utah lawmakers
Utah lawmakers began receiving unwanted copies of Hustler magazine's latest issue this week, an attempt by the periodical's eccentric founder to push back against a Legislature-approved resolution calling pornography a "public health crisis."

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