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US War Crimes or 'Normalized Deviance'
Posted: Thursday, August 18, 2016

US War Crimes or 'Normalized Deviance'
The U.S. foreign policy establishment and its mainstream media operate with a pervasive set of hypocritical standards that justify war crimes or what might be called a "normalization of deviance," writes Nicolas J S Davies.

Election Meddling: Bad if Done to USA, Bad to Complain About if Done by USA

The New York Times whitewashes US imperialism in Middle East and contemplates ethnic cleansing

Hezbollah Leader: WHY the US created Daesh (ISIS)

Obama and Hillary DID Found ISIS: This 2012 US Government Memo Proves It

A former CIA asset has become a U.S. headache in Libya

Reports: Irish IOC chief Patrick Hickey arrested in Rio
The head of the European Olympic committee is being accused of illegally scalping tickets for the Summer Games currently being held in Rio.

Evidence mounts that NSA computer code was stolen

NPR Host Demands That Assange Do Something Its Own Reporters Are Told Never to Do
In a ten-minute interview aired Wednesday morning, NPR's David Greene asked Wikileaks founder Julian Assange five times to reveal the sources of the leaked information he has published on the internet.

Snowden: Exposure of alleged NSA tools may be warning to US

Hillary, Trump, and War with Russia: The Goddamdest Stupid Idea I Have Ever Heard, and I Have Lived in Washington
Don't look for a walk-over. The T14 Armata, Russia's latest tank. You don't want to fight this monster if you can think of a better idea, such as not fighting it.

Russian Military Options in Syria and the Ukraine

US: Russia's Use of Iran Bases Could Violate UN Resolution
Russia Points Out That's Obviously Not the Case

Our Syria strikes out of Iran do not violate U.N. resolution 2231: Russia

China says seeks closer military ties with Syria
China wants to have closer military ties with Syria, state media on Tuesday cited a senior Chinese officer as saying during a rare visit to the war-torn Middle Eastern country.

Nuclear Blackmail and America's Fantasy War with China
Another day, another piece of US think-tankery poo-pooing the prospects for a nuclear confrontation with the PRC.

US Has Nearly 30,000 Defense Contractors in Afghanistan
Over Three Times as Many Contractors as Soldiers Remain

Western Value... Making a Killing in Yemen
The slaughter in Yemen just keeps getting worse, with civilians at the bloody forefront. Yet, shamefully – moreover tellingly – there is no uproar in the Western media.

American Complicity in Yemen's War

128 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Prisons in Fallujah Yield Corpses

Australian Authorities Hacked Computers in the US

South Sudan says probes any army abuses, executes two soldiers

Bin Laden's Son Urges Overthrow of Saudi Rulers

US Impunity under threat: Turkey may disintegrate NATO
If Turkey leaves NATO, that would be a big change. Turkey has been in the pockets of Washington for a long time. If Washington was behind the coup, this probably has damaged the relationship permanently. Erdogan has very strong motives to realign with Russia despite the problems he had caused.

Turkish police detain two dozen journalists after closing pro-Kurdish daily

'They want to uproot me and bring a Jewish citizen'
The "unrecognised" Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran will be demolished to make way for up to 10,000 Jewish Israelis.

Israel to demolish Bedouin school near Jerusalem
The Jahalin school opened its doors a week earlier than scheduled, in protest at Israeli orders for its closure.

Israel to pay Turkey $20 million in compensation after six-year rift

Israel arrests Hamas election committee member

North Korea Says It Has Resumed Plutonium Production

North Korea's No. 2 Diplomat in London Defects to the South

Is Trump Sabotaging His Campaign?

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